Chanteuse Country US née Brandy Lynn Clark, le 9 Octobre 1975 à Morton (Washington).

As a singer/songwriter, Brandy Clark racked up several significant hits in the early years of the 2010s -- Miranda Lambert brought "Mama's Broken Heart" to number two in 2013, the Band Perry had a number one single with "Better Dig Two" -- which was the background to her acclaimed 2013 solo debut, 12 Stories. Taken together, the hits and the debut album presented Clark as a formidable contemporary country talent, one rooted in classic country but with a keen eye for the present, telling modern stories that are placed within a timeless tradition.
A native of Morton, Washington, Clark began playing guitar at the age of nine, dabbling with songwriting along the way. During high school, she concentrated on athletics, winning a basketball scholarship to Central Washington University, but she wound up abandoning sports and returned home, where she attended community college. More importantly, she also returned to music, starting to play guitar and sing in local bands. In 1998, she moved to Nashville, where she attended the music business program at Belmont University while continuing to concentrate on songwriting.
After graduating from Belmont, Clark found work at Leadership Music and continued to perform and write, often with her songwriting partner Shane McAnally. She started to land songs on records in 2009, with the breakthrough coming the following year when Reba McEntire recorded "Cry" and "The Day She Got Divorced" for All the Women I Am. In 2011, she had several songs recorded by a variety of artists, most prominently Ashton Shepherd ("Tryin' to Go to Church"), LeAnn Rimes ("Crazy Women"), and Miranda Lambert, whose "Mama's Broken Heart" became a number two hit in 2013. By the time "Mama's Broken Heart" climbed the charts, Clark had begun making a name for herself as a performer. She opened for Sheryl Crow in 2012 and made her Grand Ole Opry debut in December of that year, the same month she independently released a three-track EP. The eponymous EP became a word-of-mouth hit among critical circles, building an appetite for the fall 2013 release of the full-length 12 Stories. Produced by Dave Brainard and preceded by the single "Stripes," 12 Stories appeared to positive reviews in October of 2013.
12 Stories didn't tear up the charts -- it peaked at 23 on Billboard's Country chart, never generating a hit single -- but it did secure Clark a contract with Warner. As she worked on her major-label debut, she continued to write -- she placed songs on 2014 albums by Miranda LambertToby Keith, and Reba McEntire, along with Kacey Musgraves' 2015 album, Pageant Material -- and in the summer of 2016 she released Big Day in a Small Town, her Warner debut produced by Jay Joyce.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



02/2004 CD Jody Williams Music ‎? (US) (promo) .

One Of Those

07/2004 CD Jody Williams Music ‎? (US) (promo) .

Never Been A River

04/2016 SP Warner Bros. 553694-7 (US) (special edition)

Brandy Clark : Girl Next Door / Homecoming Queen / Brandy CLARK & Sheryl Crow : Homecoming Queen

2016 CD Warner Bros. PRO-CDR-557700 (US) (promo)

Love Can Go To Hell


10/2013 CD Smith Entertainment 7176 (US) 12 Stories - Pray To Jesus / Crazy Women / What'll Keep Me Out Of Heaven / Get High / Hold My Hand / Stripes / In Some Corner / Take A Little Pill / Hungover / Illegitimate Children / The Day She Got Divorced / Just Like Him
06/2016 CD Warner Bros. 553253 (US) Big Day in a Small Town - Soap Opera / Girl Next Door / Homecoming Queen / Broke / You Can Come Over / Love Can Go To Hell / Big Day In A Small Town / Three Kids No Husband / Daughter / Drinkin' Smokin' Cheatin' / Since You've Gone To Heaven
04/2017 LP 12" Warner Bros. 558896 (US)

Live From Los Angeles - Drinkin' Smokin' Cheatin' / Stripes / Big Day In A Small Town / Hold My Hand / Daughter / Love Can Go To Hell / Girl Next Door / Get High / When I Get To Drinkin' / Since You've Gone To Heaven / Pray To Jesus

03/2020 CD Warner Bros. 625104 (US)

Your Life Is a Record - I'll Be The Sad Song / Long Walk / Love Is A Fire / Pawn Shop / Who You Thought I Was / Apologies / Bigger Boat / Bad Car / Who Broke Whose Heart / Can We Be Strangers / The Past Is The Past

05/2023 CD WARNER MUSIC 9362486793 (US) BRANDY CLARK - Tell Her You Don't Love Her (feat. Lucius) / Dear Insecurity (feat. Brandi Carlile) / Come Back To Me / Northwest / She Smoked in the House / Up Above The Clouds (Cecilia's Song) / All Over Again / Best Ones / Take Mine

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