Chanteur et chef d'orchestre US de Western Swing né le 6 Juillet 1894 à Alleyton, Colorado County (Texas). Shelly Lee Alley est décédé le 1er Juin 1964.

During the '30s and '40s, Shelly Lee Alley and his Alley Cats were one of the most prominent Western Swing bands in Texas. Born in Alleyton, Texas, singer/songwriter/fiddle player Alley began his career as the leader of a San Antonio army camp orchestra during World War I. Following military service, he went on to lead several small orchestras, which played on radio stations throughout the Lone Star State. During the early '20s, Alley was primarily interested in pop and jazz music and belonged to several small combos, including the Dixie Serenaders, which played at a Dallas radio station. In addition to performing and conducting music, Alley was also a songwriter. One of his early songs, "Travelin' Blues," became a Depression-era hit for Jimmie Rodgers; its success turned Alley more towards country and western music, and he joined a Fort Worth radio show called "The Chuck Wagon Gang." He formed the Alley Cats in 1936 and played radio stations and local dances in the Houston and Beaumont area. The Alley Cats recorded several sessions for the American Record Corporation on the VOCALION label. Some Alley Cats members, such as Ted Daffan and Leon Selph, went on to form their own successful bands. In 1941, Alley cut a single for Bluebird, and also continued writing songs, many of which were recorded by Jimmie Davis. During World War II, the Alley Cats broke up and Alley began playing with Patsy and the Buckaroos. He got the Cats back together and cut a single for the Globe label, but the group disbanded for good around 1946. Alley still played his fiddle occasionally and wrote songs; his stepson, Clyde Brewer, went on to become a popular Western Swing musician in his own right.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Fiddle

Style musical : Western Swing



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t. & Single

01/1938 78 t. VOCALION 03891 (US) You've Made A Dream Come True / My Precious Darling
02/1938 78 t. VOCALION 03939 (US) Women, Women, Women / You've Got Me Worried Now
03/1938 78 t. VOCALION 03975 (US) I'm Still In Love With You / Let Me Bring It To Your Door
06/1938 78 t. VOCALION 04145 (US) You've Got It / Try It Once Again
07/1938 78 t. VOCALION 04201 (US) Houston Blues / Bring It On Home To Grandma
08/1938 78 t. VOCALION 04276 (US) She's So Different / Deep Congress Avenue
10/1938 78 t. VOCALION 04371 (US) Nine Or Ten Times / I'll Get It
11/1938 78 t. VOCALION 04451 (US) Train Whistle Blues / You Know What I Mean
01/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04600 (US) She Just Wiggled Around / Allet Cat Stomp
03/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04670 (US) I'm So Used To You Now / Don't You Care
04/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04728 (US) She Loves It So / I'll Take You Back Again
05/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04793 (US) Can't Nobody Truck Like Me / She Wouldn't
07/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04879 (US) What's The Matter Now / What Size Do You Need
08/1939 78 t. VOCALION 04986 (US) Two More Years (And I'll Be Free) / I Wish I'd Never Learned To Love
09/1939 78 t. VOCALION 05053 (US) I've Got The Blues No.2 / Let's Do It Honey
10/1939 78 t. VOCALION 05106 (US) I'm Wondering Now / It Makes A Lot Of Difference Now
11/1939 78 t. VOCALION 05202 (US) I'll Keep Thinking Of You / Hang Your Pretty Things By My Bed
12/1939 78 t. VOCALION 05256 (US) New Mean Mama Blues / Goodbye Forever
01/1940 78 t. VOCALION 05322 (US) My Texas Sweetheart / My Little Dream Girl
03/1940 78 t. VOCALION 05391 (US) Why Sould I Worry Now / Tired Of You
06/1940 78 t. VOCALION 05585 (US) It Took My Breath Away / It Doesn't Matter Now
07/1940 78 t. OKEH 05667 (US) Don't Leave Me / I'm Smiling (Just To Hide A Broken Heart) / Don't Leave Me (With A Broken Heart)
08/1940 78 t. OKEH 05738 (US) How Can't You Treat Me This Way / It Won't Be Long
12/1940 78 t. OKEH 05930 (US) I Just Can't Forget The Past / Oh What A Fool I've Been
1941 78 t. BLUEBIRD 8888 (US) Answer To "My Precious Darling" / My Love
1942 78 t. BLUEBIRD 8934 (US) Beer Joint Blues / Big House Blues
1945 78 t. GLOBE 112 (US)

Soldier's Return / Low Down Blues

09/1955 78 t. JET 1916 (US)

Some How / Cold Cold Ways


???? LP 12" HMC HMC-2014081BOUS (US)

Texas Western Blues - Train Whistle Blues / Women, Women, Women / Deep Congress Avenue / Houston Blues / You've Got It / New Mean Mama Blues / I've Got the Blues #2 / Big House Blues / I Won't Be Long / Beer Joint Blues / The Big House Blues / Low Down Blues

02/2006 CD KRAZY KAT 34 (UK) ALLEY CAT STOMP 1937-1941 - Save It For Me / Merrymakers Stomp / You've Got Me Worried Now / Train Whistle Blues / Women, Women, Women / I'll Get It / Nine Or Ten Times / Deep Congress Avenue / She's So Different / Houston Blues / You've Got It / You Know What I Mean / Bring It On Home To Grandma / She Just Wiggled Around / She Wouldn't / She Loves It So / New Mean Mama Blues / I'm So Used To You Now / Can't Nobody Truck Like Me / Alley Cat Stomp / I've Got The Blues #2 / Big House Blues / Let's Do It Honey / It Took My Breath Away / Beer Joint Blues / The Big House Blues
2013 CD BACM CD D  401 (UK)

Shelly Lee Alley And His Alley Cats - Mean Mama Blues / Sweetheart Of Mine / Let Me Bring It To Your Door / I'm Still In Love With You / My Precious Darling / Nine Or Ten Times / What's The Matter Now / Don't You Care / Why Should I Worry Now / What Size Do You Need / I'll Take You Back Again / Tired Of You / My Texas Sweetheart / Two More Years / Hang Your Pretty Things By My Bed / Goodbye My Little Dream Girl / How Can You Treat Me This Way / Don't Leave Me With A Broken Heart / Oh What A Fool I've Been / I Just Can't Forget The Past / Answer To My Precious Darling / My Love / Soldier's Return / Low Down Blues / Somehow / Cold Cold Ways / Little Home Of Long Ago

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