(The Silhouettes)


The night was cool and inviting
The moon was high in the sky
When Miss Thing came on the scene
I left my baby high and dry
Oh baby
Why do I do the things I do
Well I love you deeply
But Miss Thing thrills me through and through

The way she tips on in
Cool as can be
Baby baby you sure move me
So deeply
I can't explain
When she move on out
I be tied to her like a chain

Well the sun is high
Up in the sky
Baby baby baby the well run dry
I'm so happy
As I can be
The way she rock and roll
Baby you sure move me

Well the night is hot and torrid
My heart aches for someone new
Miss Thing sitting here beside me
Somebody tell me what to do
Oh baby
I played the part of a fool
Now the thrill is gone
And I don't know what to do