(Dick Miles)

Alright gang I've wrote this smash hit (ha ha ha) it's not so funny
Let's all sing together it's got to be pretty let's go

Listen to my song well listen to my song
(Tell me if you'd like it play I'll change it if it's wrong
Listen to my music Goerge see if it's alright
If it's not what you've had in mind I'll write you one tonight)

Well I wrote a little song a few moths ago
My friends all said that thing oughta go
So I packed my bags and I hit for Nashville town
Well I wanted to get me a big star to do it
So I made me a list with a few names through it
And I started out to see if Eddy Arnold was in town
Well I come in a home way back in the den
I can tell he was glad when I walked in
Cause he broken the singin' Make The World Go Away
He finally listen the part of my song
And then with a drawl of two two miles long
He said see Ernest Tubb ha ha he lives just across the way

Listen to my song...

Well I'd see ol' Ern he was Walking The Floor
Cause just as records were sellin' lower
But he put me on a take and listened to every word
He said I've been singin' since I was a kid
And nothin' sounds like that song did
Ah throw him out Billy Byrd
Well I quit myself got back on my feet
I saw Johnny Cash up in down the street
And I asked him if he can use a hit or two
He said I made mon on a Ring Of Fire
Size Luther king playin' on his guitar
So I don't care of the doo-di-dood-di

I called Bill Anderson and he was at home
But he said my Mama Sang A Song
I'm sorry but I hope that you understand
I saw Ralph Emery and I talked to him
Along ol' Tex Ritter and WSM
But they was too busy shakin' one another's hands
Folly I decided that the only way
A stranger in Nashville can make a little hay
Is just to turn a record himself with that Nashville sound
So I borrowed me some money and that's what I did
Everybody tells me I've got a hit
At least it's bubblin' under about one hundred ha ha
And follows Alabama at the bus station

Listen to my song...