The yaller rose of Texas
The cutest on this Earth
Her right eye looks at Dallas
Her left one at Fort Worth
Her ponytail's a dandy
That hairdo is a prize
But it comes in handy
When she's a-swattin' flies

[Chorus 1]:
Her skin is red 'n' fuzzy
It feels just like a peach
I looked at her from head to toe
And she had one of each
Her face has fallen arches
It hangs just like a sack
She'd like to have it lifted but
She doesn't have a jack

Oh, the yaller rose of Texas
She looks just like a weed
That one big upper tooth of hers
Looks like a punkin' seed
And when she opens up her mouth
It looks just like a rake
Her lips are just like petals--
Pedals on a brake

[Chorus 2]:
I was workin' in the garden
When I discivvered her
I reached for an old tomater
And darlin' there you were
You take your nasty-sturtims
And take your violets blue
And while you're at it
Take the yaller rose of Texas, too