You're stretching and a straining, and a bending too hard

All of the chickens have run from your yard

Alone in the doorway, a gun in your hand

And you better untangle your mind


You try not to listen to the children upstairs

Who laugh at you nervously sitting down there

The shiny blue metal lays cold in your lap

And you'd better untangle your mind


You worry the morning, you worry the night

You worry for something that's not yet in sight

Your worry is rotten, your head is on fire

And you'd better untangle your mind


Your engine is quiet, and you're sunk in the mud

Your wheels only spinning, you can't seem to hug

Your face hanging back, you have covered your eyes

And you'd better untangle your mind


Relax or you'll snap like a string in the strang

Without your umbrella, go out in the rain

Just look in the treetops, and let it come down

and try and untanle your mind


Don't think of tomorrow or even next hour

Taste only the sweet things, forget all the sour

It's getting too heavy, to sit in this chair

Without you untangle your mind.