Billy Dean - vocal

(Paul Nelson - Billy Dean)

Strapped on my holster low across my hips
Two cold forty-fives with white plastic grips
And I'd head west through our neighborhood
They'd say here comes young Billy and he's up to no good yeah

I rode a trail through the neighbor's backyard
Shootin' the bad guys through my handle bars
Known for my brav'ry both far and near
And bein' late for supper was my only fear
I miss Billy the Kid the times that he had the life that he lived
I guess he must have got caught his innocence lost Lord I wonder he is
I miss Billy the Kid

These days I don't know whose side to be on
There's such a thin line between right and wrong
I live and learn do the best I can
There's only so much you can do as a man
I miss Billy the Kid...
I miss Billy the Kid...