Fiddler Country US né William Russell Armstrong, le 18 Mars 1930 à Streator (Illinois). Billy Armstrong a débuté en 1943 dans les "Bob Lively's Dude Ranch Cowboys". Ensuite il fonde "Billy Armstrong & the Westerners" puis passe dans différents groupes Western Swing ("Tommy Duncan's Western All Stars", "Hi Busse & the Frontiersmen", "The Westernaires", "Hank Thompson's Brazos Valley Boys", "Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree" et "Tex Williams' Band". En 1966 on le retrouve au sein des "Sons of the Pioneers", jusqu'en 1972. Durant les années 70, Billy a produit 3 albums solo. Il fut nommé "Fiddle Player" pendant 13 années par l'ACM.

Billy Armstrong was one of country music's premier fiddle players from 1965-1977, and was named Fiddle Player of the Year 13 years in a row by the ACM. He first played professionally in 1943 with Bob Lively's Dude Ranch Cowboys, quitting after four years to form Billy Armstrong & the Westerners, a group that included Don Hoag (drums), Bobby Wagoner (guitar), and Billy Strange (guitar). Armstrong began playing on the radio in 1948 on Spade Cooley Presents; the following year, he replaced "Lefty" Joe Holley in Tommy Duncan's Western All Stars. After playing on several of Duncan's recording sessions for the Intro label, he returned to L.A. and joined Hi Busse & the Frontiersmen, playing with them until 1951. Armstrong briefly played with another band until founding the Westernaires.
Following their 1957 breakup, Armstrong joined Hank Thompson's Brazos Valley Boys for six months. Road life finally exhausted him and he quit, returned to L.A., and joined Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree and then Tex Williams' band. He released two singles, "Gloria" and "If You Leave While I'm Sleeping," in 1959. In 1965, Armstrong won his first ACM Fiddler of the Year award and also released the single "The Orange Blossom Special." He then played with Gene Davis on the television series Star Route before joining the Sons of the Pioneers in 1966, with whom he sang lead and alternating tenor. He stayed with the Pioneers until early 1972, when he joined the Chaparral Brothers. During the 1970s, Armstrong also had a solo recording career, which produced three albums.

Talents :  Fiddle, Vocals, Sousaphone

Style musical : Western Swing

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1959 SP WILDCAT WOO 71 (US) Gloria / Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed
1963 SP SAGE 45-390 (US)

Billy ARMSTRONG & The Frontiersmen & Joanie - Let’s Be Sensible / Crazy

1963 SP TOPPA 45-1105 (US)

Heartbreak Valley / If You Leave While I'm Sleeping (I Won't Know That You're Gone)

1966 SP TOPPA 45-1113 (US)

Billy's Orange Blossom Special / High Cost Of Leaving

1968 SP REENA 2068 (US) Hal SOUTHERN With "Fiddling" Billy ARMSTRONG - I'm A Liar / Lovin' This Life I'm Livin'
1971 SP BJB BJB 1026 (US)

18 Miles Ago Today / Country Blues

1975 SP 4 STAR 5-1012 (US) Lonely Street / What's He Doing In My World
1976 SP HILLSIDE HS 7605 (US)

Tribute To Ray Price / Billy’s Orange Blossom Special


1976 LP 12" HILLSIDE HS-102 (US) WORLD'S GREATEST FIDDLE PLAYER - Tribute To Ray Price / My Heart Plays Second Fiddle / Orange Blossom Special / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Silver Wings / 1800 Miles / Uncle Booger Red / Tribute To Bob Wills / Fin Jun / Danny Boy
1976 LP 12" WESTWOOD WRS104 (UK) MR. FIDDLE - Tribute To Ray Price / My Heart Plays Second Fiddle / Orange Blossom Special / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Silver Wings / 1800 Miles / Uncle Booger Red / Tribute To Bob Wills / Fin Jun / Danny Boy
1978 LP 12" HILLSIDE HS-LP-103 (US) BILLY DON'T SELL YOUR FIDDLE - (Or Who Let The S.O.B. Sing?) - Truck Drivin' Man / The Kind Of Love / Six Days On The Road / Roly Poly / Billy's Orange Blossom Special / Fraulein / San Antonio Medley / The Last Letter / Liberty / Take Me Back To Tulsa
1978 LP 12" WESTWOOD WRS135 (UK)

BILLY DON'T SELL YOUR FIDDLE - (Or Who Let The S.O.B. Sing?) - Fraulein / Truck Driving Man / San Antonio Medley / The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget / Six Days On The Road / Roly Poly / The Last Letter / Take Me Back To Tulsa / Liberty

1979 ? LP 12" HILLSIDE HS-LP-106 (US)

A Man And His Fiddle - Prosperity Special / Stay A Little Longer / Amazing Grace / Diggy Liggy Lo / Lucille / East Bound And Down / Thank God I'm A Country Boy / Heartaches By The Number / The Older The Violin The Sweeter The Music / Crystal Chandeliers

1980 LP 12" HILLSIDE HS-LP-80-102 (US)

The Best Of Billy Arsmtrong - volume 1 - Billy’s Orange Blossom Special / Lucille / Stay A Little Longer / I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry / Cotton-Eyed Joe / Amazing Grace / Prosperity Special / Silver Wings / Roly Poly / The Devil Went Down To Georgia

1980 LP 12" Polera AG-3322 (US)

Melody Ranch Featuring Billy Armstrong - Stay All Night / Salute To Bob Wills (medley) / I'm So Lonesome / Orange Blossom Special / The Fifty Year Old Waltz / First Boyfriend / Why Me / This Time It's You / Services Rendered / My Agreement

08/2010 CD HILLSIDE HSCD 2102 (US) WORLD'S GREATEST FIDDLE PLAYER - Billy's Orange Blossom Special / Prosperity Special / Lucille / Diggy Liggy Lo / Heartaches By The Number / Silver Wings / Cotton-Eyed Joe / Roly-Poly / Amazing Grace / Stay A Little Longer / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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