(Ben Peters)

In the little town square in the Carroll County seat
Sellin' eggs and butter tryin' to make enough to eat
Mama had a house full of children at home
Seven mouths to feed and my papa was gone

I'd walk a mile to town in my hand-me-down clothes
The rich kids a laughin' and a thumbin' their nose
Said mama don't you worry cause I really don't care
About the other children in the little town square

Mama couldn't get credit at the general store
Cause she wouldn't date him and the owner got sore
The women started talkin' and the men all would stare
When mama was a walkin' through the little town square

Bringin' in water and a choppin' stove wood
We tried to help mama just as much as we could
Brother was a ploughin' with the old grey mare
While the other children played in the little town square

The women all said mama wadn't no good
The men would take a pass anytime that they could
When mama needed help she couldn't get it nowhere
They all turned their backs in the little town square

Mama had to work just as hard as she could
Takin' any job that nobody else would
We had enough to eat and we didn't go bare
No thanks to the people in the little town square

Well mama lived to see seven children all grown
Now she lies sleepin' by a marble thombstone
And mama's last words are a written on there
God help the people in the little town square