(Jerry Reed)

Well, they call me Mister Whiz
'Cause I'm the fastest there is
When it comes to makin' all the women fall for me
'Cause when I turn on the heat
And really use my technique
It takes me hardly any time at all you see
To get 'em feelin' just right
And have 'em holdin' me tight
So brother, rate me with the best that there is
'Cause with the women, I'm a cat
There ain't no gettin' around that
That's why everybody calls me Mister Whiz

Well, when I roll into town
Lord, the gals just flock around
'Cause brother I know all the tricks of the trade
I love 'em short, I love 'em tall
I love 'em fat, I love 'em all
I'm ready when there's lovin' to be made
There's something 'bout the way I walk
The way I smile, the way I talk
That keeps the women all upsettin' in a fizz
Well, hear me clear and understand
I work like a minute man
That's why everybody calls me Mister Whiz

Well, I've loved across the nation
And I've got a reputation
As being the fastest guy around
At gettin' a girl and have her heart all in a whirl
Before she ever even knows I've been around
'Cause when I really start a-poppin'
There's no slowin' down or stoppin'
Till I've got her in my arms for a kiss
Well, I'm sure and I'm slick
I'm deadly and I'm quick
That's why everybody calls me Mister Whiz