Somewhere She's Waiting
(Dusty Owens)

Somewhere for me there is a
True love, turtle dove

Shining like a star above

Waiting with a heart

That's true and real

Somewhere I see a face with

Soft eyes, sweet sighs

Lips a man would idolize

Someday I'll tell her how I feel


She's got that special way about her

That sends my heart in a whirl

And every dream I dream about her

I end up marryin' that pretty little girl

Somewhere I see her in the moonlight

June night, in my arms I hold her tight

Somewhere she's waiting just for me


Somewhere for me I see

A sweet face , silk and lace

One that's easy to embrace

Waiting with a heart that's pure as gold

Somewhere I know I'll find my

Sweet pea, honey bee

One that wants to marry me

Waiting with a love

That won't grow cold

I love the way she wears her makeup

And combs each little brown curl

I bet you ten to one

I'd date up and end up

Marryin' that pretty little girl


Someday we two will raise a family

Her and me

Maybe we'll have two or three

Somewhere she's waiting just for me