Here we go then
What are you gonna give for them
I bid twenty-five
Will you give me thirty dollars
Thirty, make it thirty
Bid of thirty, thirty-five
Now to forty, make it forty
Bid of forty...

There was a boy in Arkansas
Who wouldn't listen to his ma
When she told him
That he should go to school

He'd sneak away in the afternoon
Take a little walk then pretty soon
You'd find him at the local auction barn

He'd stand and and listen carefully
Then pretty soon he began to see
How the auctioneer could talk so rapidly

He said, oh, my, it's do or die
I've gotta learn that auction cry
Gotta make my mark and be an auctioneer

Twenty-five dollar bid
And now thirty dollar, thirty
Will you give me thirty
Make it thirty
Bid upon it thirty dollars
Will you give me thirty
Who'll give me a thirty dollar bid

Thirty dollar bid and now thirty-five
Will you give me thirty-five
Make it thirty-five
A bid of thirty-five
Who would bid it at
A thirty-five dollar bid

As time went on he did his best
And all could see he didn't jest
He practiced calling bids
Both night and day

His pap would find him behind the barn
Just working up an awful storm
He tried to imitate that autioneer

Well, the people came from miles around
Just to hear him make that happy sound
That filled their hearts
With such a happy cheer

And now he's tops in all the land
Let's pause and give that man a hand
For he's the best of all the auctioneer

Thirty-five dollar bid
And now forty dollar, forty
Will ya give me forty
Make it forty
Bid on it, forty
Will you give me forty
Who'll give me a forty dollar bid

Forty dollar bid and now forty-five
Will you give forty-five
Make it forty-five
Bid at a forty-five
Who'll bid it at
A forty-five dollar bid

Forty-five-dollar bid
And now fifty dollar, fifty
Will ya give me fifty
Make it fifty
Bid on it, fifty dollar
Will you give me fifty
Who'll give me a fifty dollar bid

Fifty dollar bid
And now fifty-five
Will you give me fifty-five
A make it fifty-five
A bid at fifty-five
Sold that hog for a fifty dollar bill

Hey, well, alright, sir
Open the gate and let 'em out
And here we go
And what are you gonna give me for 'em

What are you gonna give for them
I bid twenty-five
Will you give me thirty dollars
Thirty, make it thirty...