& The

(A. Miller - J. Paley)

Well, I met a little girl at a party last night
One look at her and I was high as a kite
I said what's you name, she says I'm called Lou Ann
And I'm gonna love you like no girl can
Me and Lou Ann, we's a-tearin' up the floor
She wants to keep on dancin', I can't take it no more
Lou Ann...

I looked outside and it was startin' to rain
Lou Ann says, I just can't be tamed
Head keeps a-spinnin' just like a top
Lou Ann diggin' that crazy bop
Lou-ou-ou Ann... ooh

A rockin' band playin' with a crazy beat
My legs are so tired, I can't move my feet
I'm lookin' all around tryin' to find a chair
The drummerboy was sayin' don't you be no square
Lou-ou-ou Ann...

Hepcats are dancin' all over the floor
I grab my Lou Ann and I make for the door
Took her home about a quarter to one
I said, goodnight baby, here comes the sun
Lou-ou-ou Ann... Lou Ann, Lou Ann