Lafayettes - vocals


Well life's too short
And you're too sweet.
Every day of your life, child,
You've got to spend with me.

Now let me tell you 'bout Sally,
She's a-really tough.
And girl you know about Emmy,
She's cool enough.

Oh, but life's too short to mess around
Don't you give me no stuff, child,
And don't you put me down.

A-no no, a-no no, a-no no, a-no
I, I keep a-tellin' you, I, I keep a-tellin' you
I, I keep a-tellin' you, aah

I, I said I told a-you baby
I said I told-a you all
I said, bah, oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hooooh
And you're too wild
To pass me by, baby,
With just a kiss and a smile.
We gotta up and get married
Before my hair turns gray.
I need you for real, baby,
I've had my time to play.

Now c'mon, a-c'mon,
A-c'mon, don't make me so blue
(C'mon, c'mon)
A-hey-hey, a-hey-hey
(C'mon, c'mon)
A-hey-hey, a-hey-hey...