Tom James - vocal

(James - Morrisett)

Me and my baby's tryin' to go steady
We can't get married and we can't get ready
Her folks say no and they make the rule
We need education, so we keep goin' to school
At times we're happy and sometimes blue
When you keep goin' steady, don't know what to do
I'm a sharp lookin' cat, she's a livin' doll
But I wanna play the field a while
I had a new date and at first it was fun
Till I started pickin' up what I'd done
I went back, but my baby hadn't left much clue
Then I got to thinkin' she's datin' some too

Had a thought about my baby, I looked all around
And I spotted the car marks there on the ground
They'd screeched away and gone on a date
From the tracks I knew it was a twin five-eight
Without much to go on I jumped at the wheel
Of my old drag wagon and I scratched into gear
My twin pipes bellied a blue smoke trail
But I'd track down my baby if I had to make bail
I stopped at the drugstore to get me a smoke
And my baby and a Caddy'd been in for a coke
They be-bopped the chicken to the jukebox tone
Then took off for parts unknown

Right then I'd say I was a little upshook
I reached and I grabbed up a telephone book
I called record hops and my baby's friends
Tryin' to see what the doll had planned
Well, I found out just a little more than I knew
My customized rod had a job to do
I headed out and I was ready to go
Two carburetors, anything but slow
Speed shift into second and a-high I flew
And the needle readin' one hundred and two
Slid up the line and I made my stop
Then I saw 'em in front of a record hop

There parked was a customized Cadillac
With convertible top, continental on the back
At the hop was my baby, jumpin' to the fun
With a crew cut cat, my trackin' was done
Well, I hopped inside and bopped to a tune
Then I started thinkin' about a honeymoon
And my baby saw me and to me she ran
Said my loverboy, you're the only one
My loverboy, you're the only one