(Freddie Hart - Eddie Dean)

I walked into Country Music's Hall of Fame
An old guitar hung on the wall that wore Hank Williams' name
As I stood and wondered what a sight to see
I'll swear I heard Hank's old guitar start to talk to me

My friend you're looking at old lonely soul
While there's mem'ries locked inside of me that's worth much more than gold
Oh we were closer than friends could ever be
Everything we did we did together in perfect harmony
I'd remember one night up in a hotel room
To look upon his face you'd think that his whole world was doom
But as I stood there in the corner I could see
That a song would soon be born tonight oh he reached his hand for me

And he held me like a man would hold his girl
I was a closest thing to him in his lonely world
I could fill a story begging of release
That night we wrote Your Cheatin' Heart another masterpiece

Yeah we wrote so many songs just like this
And we're proud to know that we gave the world just a little more happiness
Hank told me just before he went away
Ol' buddy I'd like to take you with me but this time you will have to stay

I walked out of Country Music's Hall of Fame
Still I can hear Hank's old guitar crying all in vain
Like a child that's lost I heard its mournful cry
Hank I'm so lonesome I could die