!! Attendre que la chanson se charge !!


Jim Glaser - vocal


Outside my window was a cold Chicago wind,
Blowin' in another bitter winter storm.
All at once, I felt it's icy fingers deep inside my head,
And I had to get some place where I'd be warm.
I packed a suitcase and got behind the wheel,
Headed south until the ocean stopped me at Mobile.
It felt just like a block of ice had melted in my mind,
When I fin'lly crossed that Mason-Dixon Line.
(Mason-Dixon Line.)

Checked in a motel that was right down on the beach,
Out of reach of that frozen northern world.
That night I watched the moonlight make a path across the sea,
And I met a gorgeous southern-talkin' girl.
I'd never heard an accent sweet as hers before,
And I thought of Rhett and Scarlett as we strode along the shore.
And when I took her in my arms and felt her lips on mine,
I was lost below that Mason-Dixon Line.
(Mason-Dixon Line.)

I told her how that cold lake wind could chill you to the bone.
And she talked of growing up deep in the south.
When she spoke of God an' Dixie there was fire in her eyes,
But the words were sweet as honey from her mouth.

Now that old wind howls through the canyons of these cold Chicago streets.
Another year, another winter settles in.
Tonight, I'll bet, she's strollin' with some lonely northern guy,
Her hands warm as the sun upon his skin.
She'll swear she loves him and she'll call him every day,
But just like his southern tan, he'll watch her slowly fade away.
And all those precious words that were like candy to his mind,
He'll remember as that Mason-Dixon Line.
(Mason-Dixon Line.)

I still dream about her Mason-Dixon Line