Alligator is a gal, who lives in my home town
We call her alligator, 'cause she creeps around
She walks down the street with a swing and sway
The boys all whistle, you can hear them say
Alligator come across, give me one more chance
Let me take you dancin' to a country dance
Or maybe we can take in a picture show
But all she ever says is; no-no-no

Then one day a stranger came to my home town
He wore a big long coat, that nearly drug the ground
He was a real hepcat and was really gone
And this is the way he sang this song
Well, well-well-well-well
Alligator come across, let's go out tonight
I'll show you a right one in the latest style
I'll take you out a-dancing to that rock 'n' roll
All you gotta do is holler; go-cat-go

Alligator went out and she had a ball
But I knew she was headed for a great big fall
I knew some day she would hear him say
See you later alligator, I'll be on my way
Alligator come across, leave that cat alone
'Cause I'll be here when he's gone-gone-gone
And there'll come a time and this I know
You'll be asking; which way did he go-go-go?