(Ted Harris)

Country music's all around the world I've heard it play in every foreign land
The universal language of the universe something everybody understands

I never let no sand get in the shoes of mine I spent my life just rambling all around
But I always felt at home no matter where I went
Cause everybody plays a country sound
One springtime in Alaska just a few years back
As I mushed my team of huskys through the snow
Another dogsled passed me doing ninety five he was headin' for a country music show
Country music's all around the world...

I was over in old Moskow when I heard about
These men you know they're recently retired
They caught him in the henhouse with an old guitar playing country music idem fired
Across the sea in Germany one sunny day I watch the man a paddling down the Rhine
Poor old man he never saw that waterfall
He was singing something bout a sweet Fraulein
Country music's all around the world...
Something everybody understands