Jack Nitzsche / Sonny Bono)

I saw him today, I saw his face.
It was the face I loved,
And I knew I had to run away,
And get down on my knees and pray,
That they'd go away.

But still they begin-a,
Needles and pins-a.
Because of all my pride,
The tears I gotta hide.

Hey, I thought I was smart,
I played his heart.
I didn't think I'd do, but now I see,
She's worse to him than me.
Let him go ahead,
Take her love instead.
And one day he will see,
Just how to say please-a.
Oh, and get down on his knees-a.
Hey, that's how it begins-a.
He'll feel those needles and pins.
A-hurtin' him, a-hurtin' him.

Why can't I stop and,
Tell myself I'm wrong,
I'm wrong, so wrong?
Why can't I stand up and,
Tell myself I'm strong?

Because I saw him today,
I saw his face.
It was the face I loved,
I can't let go, although I know,
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He'll make me cry, oh-wo-wo.
Till the day I die.

But people, I gotta live, now.
And, Lord knows, I did forgive, now.
Yay, when it begins-a,
He'll feel those needles and pins,
A-huting him. A-stop it now.
A-stop those needles, stop those pins-a.

Lord when they begin-a,
Oh, won't you hear what I say?
A-somebody, a-take 'em away.
A-stop 'em now, a-stop 'em.
Stop those needles and pins-a.
Yes, yeah.
Oh, when they begin, I feel...