(L. McDaniel - R. Smith)

I was peepin' through the window one saturdaynight
Saw Charlie Brown holdin' Lucille tight
Over in the corner was Stagger Lee
And Long Tall Sally was making whoopee
Mary-Lou and Switchblade Sam
I knocked on the door and said "Here I am"
Yeah, I slipped through the backdoor
And gave it a slam
And out come Stagger Lee an' old slick Sam
Out through the window jumped Charlie Brown
He's a-pickin' 'em up and a-puttin' 'em down
The funniest sight I ever saw
I guess them cats thought I was the law
Yeah, the girls started screamin' and a-carryin' on
Don't be frightened, you ain't alone
I said to myself, I'm gonna have a fun
A house full of women and I'm the only one
An' now them cats is clean out of sight
A house full of women and a cold-cold night

Well, Long Tall Sally was a-sittin' on my knee
Oow, daddy, you beat Stagger Lee
Mary-Lou was a-playin' around
She said, yes oh daddy, you beat Charlie Brown
Lucille-gal was a doin' agree
She said come here baby 'cause you beat all three
Well, this went on all the night
I'm a-tellin' you they was a-treatin' me right
Then I heard someone knockin' on the door
Out stood Stagger Lee with a .44
There at the window was a-Charlie Brown
At the backdoor stood ol' Switchblade Sam

Well, I jacked a chair and I knocked out the light
And everybody in doors was startin' to fight
I jumped out the window and I started to run
I heard Charlie Brown say "Give me that gun"
Ol' Stagger Lee said you cut my wife
Switchblade Sam said I dropped my knife
Well, listen here fellow let me give you some advice
If you're out jukin' on a saturdaynight
You better look out for a-Charlie Brown
Stagger Lee and ol' Switchblade Sam