Vernon Dalhart & Carson ROBISON - vocals



When the moon goes to shining and my heart goes to pining
For my blue ridge mountain home
With the pine trees a swaying and the hound dogs a baying
That is where I long to roam
When the sun comes a beaming and I start into dreaming
Of a place where flowers bloom
When I get back again i'm gonna live til the end
In my blue ridge mountain home

I never thought that I could be so sad
Til I left my mountain home
But the time is a coming when i'll be so glad
And I never more will roam
For i've learned a lesson that I won't forget
Where ever I may be
And oh how i'm longing for the folks back home
For they mean more than all the world to me

When the stars go to winking and I start into thinking
Of the girl I left behind
And I keep on a straying while I know she is praying
That i'm coming back some time
With the old fiddle singing I will soon be a swinging
To the tune of home sweet home
For I know she'll waiting by the old garden gate
In my blue ridge mountain home

(whistle/jews harp/ solo)

Oh my dad and my mother and my cute little brother
They will welcome me back home
And I know they'll be happy when I climb up the hill
To my blue ridge mountain home