(Sheb Wooley - Ervin Mills - Cliff Friend)

I got a feelin' called the booze yeah I'm feelin' pretty high
Yeah I'm loose as a goose when a cuty walks by
Hey bartender pour another round I'll find a woman that wants to be found
She'll do me she'll woo me she'll give me that kind of lovin'
Lord I wanna hear her when she calls me Ben Colder
That's a beautiful name I've been thinkin' it over and it's a doggone shame
Here I am about half lit and the drunker I sit here the longer I get
And I'm lonesome give me another little touch of that booze

I'm gonna fall in love with some beautiful girl I tell you for sure
All I need is a lovin' machine who owns her own liquor store
Hey Bartennder you see that little cutie that just walked in
I want you to introduce me at her
Ben Colder that's who
Man you shouldn't drink anymore you gettin' mean

I got a feelin' called the booze yeah she's a cuty alright
Hey baby sit here beside me I'm gonna do you right
You're the cutest thing I ever saw in my life son of a gun it's my wife
Oh oh oh I'll get a lovesick bruise
Hey bartender give us tea martoonies
Alright sweetie I'm goin' don't shove