Ben Colder - vocal

(Sheb Wooley - Curly Putman)

The old hometown looks the same as they kick me off the train
It's the same I just left yesterday
Here to meet me is
Hey where's everybody like they supposed to be here
Down the road I look and there runs Mary no wonder she's in such a hurry
I always chase her through the green green grass of home

Oh they never came to see me
Well they didn't even know I was comin'
It wasn't properly publicized
Well it's nice to touch the green green grass of home
I tried to smoke some of that stuff once

The old outhouse is still standing what expected to do walk it could
And there's the old oak tree that I once fell out of and broke my jug
Down the lane I stumble I ain't in no hurry
Cause I'm gonna cut across on Mary
I'll catch her in the green green grass of home

Oh how we sat here in this green grass I was half way up to your knees
And I used to reach over and I'd pull on your pig's tail
What'd you ever do with that little ole fat pig anyway
And I remeber what you showed me one time
Where your daddy hid his moonshine
Here beneath the green green grass of home

Yes they all came to see me I couldn't see them but they sure saw me
I was crawling through the green green grass of home