(Sheb Wooley - Willie Nelson)

Well hello there mhm how bout a little glass of wine
How you're doin' Mabel how you're doin' I say you're lookin' fine
So let's drink to and then we'll drink two more makes me wanna run and play
Ain't it funny how wine sips away

Had a toast here's to you Mabel at the same old table
And here's to me big Ben I'm roarin' again
You know when people drink a toast and they always say scoll
I say it don't seem scollin' to me
Hey you pour the wine you pour
Just take three glasses out of the bottle and pour it down the stork there
How wine sips away

Now here's a toast Mabel let's drink to the man that made this wine
Bless a little old winemaker's heart
Tickles your nose don't it it's it's a bubblin' kind
Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bubbles
Makes you feel gay what I say what I say
Ain't it funny how wine sips away
Awwww Mable baby I don't know honey