!! Attendre que la chanson se charge !!

Tracy Byrd - vocal

(Casey Michael Beathard - Kerry K. Phillips)

Well it's Friday evenin' six o'clock and all my friends are twistin' off
I'm at the house just turnin' on TV
And they all wonder why I've changed how many times must I explain
It's basic honky tonk anatomy
The drinkin' bone is connected to the party bone
The party bone's connected to the stayin' out all night long
And she won't think it's funny and I'll wind up all alone
And the lonely bone's connected to the drinkin' bone

Hey two plus two is always four and down is south and up is north
Thirty-two degrees is freezing cold
You play with fire you end up burned the early-bird gets the worm
But the only thing you really need to know
Is the drinkin' bone is connected...
[ guitar - steel ]
Hey sing it with me let's make sure you know
The drinkin' bone is connected...
The drinkin' bone is connected...