Groupe Country US basé à Denton (Texas) et composé de Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones et Chris Thompson.

Fusing a young man's take on heartland rock with the tougher side of Texas country music and the cocky enthusiasm of alt-country firebrands, the Eli Young Band have become a potent draw in the Southwest on the strength of local airplay and extensive touring. The Eli Young Band's story began when Mike Eli and James Young both enrolled at the University of North Texas and found themselves sharing a dorm room as freshmen. Both played guitar, and the two new friends starting writing and singing songs together. Under the name Eli & Young, they began playing acoustic shows at local bars and coffeehouses, and in time they expanded the band into a full electric quartet with the addition of fellow students Jon Jones on bass and Chris Thompson on drums, thus giving rise to the Eli Young Band.
The group became a potent local draw, and in 2003 opened a show for rising star Miranda Lambert. Producer Frank Liddell saw the show and was impressed enough to offer the band a deal with his independent label, Carnival Recording Co. The Eli Young Band's debut album, Level, appeared in 2005, and the songs "That's the Way" and "When It Rains" began scoring significant airplay in the Lone Star State. The Eli Young Band's enthusiastic live show helped them draw a large and loyal audience in the Southwest, where they were able to fill 2,000-seat venues as a headliner, and they toured the country as an opener for the likes of Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Jack Ingram.
In 2006, the group's live show was captured for posterity on the concert recording Live at the Jolly Fox, taped during a gig at a club in Huntsville, Texas. The Eli Young Band then landed a deal with the Universal-distributed Republic Records; a video for a new recording of "When It Rains" subsequently received extensive play on Country Music Television, and the group's first album for Republic, Jet Black & Jealous, was released September 2008, with "When It Rains" and two other songs from the album, “Always the Love Songs" and “Radio Waves,“ becoming Top 40 hits. The follow-up album, Life at Best, delivered another hit, the Liz Rose and Lee Brice-penned “Crazy Girl”. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike, and the following year the band were nominated for a host of awards, including a clutch of Academy of Country Music Awards, where they took home the Song of the Year accolade for single "Crazy Girl," while they were also up for Grammys for Best Duo/Group Performance and Best Country Song. They soon returned to the studio to record sessions for their fifth album, and in 2013 the fruits of their labor appeared in the shape of 2013 single "Drunk Last Night," which raced to number one in the U.S. Country Airplay charts. Building on this success, they headed out on tour before announcing 10,000 Towns was set to be released in 2014; it was preceded by the second single "Dust." An EP called Turn It On was released in the spring of 2015. For 2017's Fingerprints, the Eli Young Band signed with the Big Machine subsidiary Valory.

Talents : Mike Eli : Vocals, Guitar - James Young : Guitar - Jon Jones : Bass Guitar - Chris Thompson : Drums

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Single & EP

2008 CD REPUBLIC UNIR 22124-2 (US) (promo)

Always The Love Songs - Always The Love Songs / Always The Love Songs / Always The Love Songs

2014 CD REPUBLIC EY0303 (US) (promo)

10,000 Towns - 10,000 Towns [radio edit] / 10,000 Towns [radio edit] / 10,000 Towns [album version]

2016 2 CD Valory VMCEY0403 (US) (promo) Saltwater Gospel :
CD 1 : Saltwater Gospel / Saltwater Gospel / Saltwater Gospel
CD 2 : Always The Love Songs / Crazy Girl / Even If It Breaks Your Heart / Drunk Last Night / Dust


2002 CD CARNIVAL 370001 (US) Eli Young Band - I'm In Love / When We Were Innocent / Show You How To Love Again / I Still Think It's Me / Know I Would / Guardian Angel / When You Come Down My Way / Uncertain / Drive Away / We Could Be Forever / Here's To You / San Antone / Back Of My Mind / Down On Padre
04/2005 CD CARNIVAL 370002 (US) LEVEL - Small Town Kid / When It Rains / So Close Now / That's The Way / Level / Oklahoma Girl / Everything Is You / Girl In Red / Bring It On Home / I Call The Tune / Highways And Broken Hearts / Bottom Line
11/2006 CD CARNIVAL 370005 (US) LIVE AT THE JOLLY FOX - That's The Way / Drive Away / Girl In Red / When You Come Down My Way / Level / So Close Now / Highways And Broken Hearts / Bottom Line / When It Rains / Show You How To Love Again / Everything Is You / When We Were Innocent / Guardian Angel / Small Town Kid / I Call The Tune / Here's To You / Lonely All The Time [studio track]
09/2008 CD UNIVERSAL SOUTH 001179402 (US) JET BLACK & JEALOUS - When It Rains / Always The Love Songs / Radio Waves / Enough Is Enough / Famous / Throw And Go / Guinevere / Get In The Car And Drive / Jet Black And Jealous / Mystery In The Making / How Should I Know / Home
08/2011 CD UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC 15856 (US) LIFE AT BEST - Even If It Breaks Your Heart / Crazy Girl / Every Other Memory / On My Way / Skeletons / I Love You / The Fight / My Old Man's Son / Recover / The Falling / War On A Desperate Man / Say Goodnight / How Quickly You Forget / Life At Best
03/2014 CD REPUBLIC B 001996502 (US) 10,000 Towns - Drunk Last Night / 10,000 Towns / Dust / Angel Like You / Let's Do Something Tonight / Your Last Broken Heart / What Does / A Lot Like Love / Just Add Moonlight / Revelations / Prayer For The Road
06/2017 CD Valory 400 (US)

Fingerprints - Saltwater Gospel / Fingerprints / Never Again / Old Songs / Drive / Skin & Bones / A Heart Needs A Break / Once / Never Land / God Love The Rain / The Days I Feel Alone

03/2019 CD Valory 500 (US) This Is Eli Young Band - Greatest Hits - Love Ain't / Even If It Breaks Your Heart / Drunk Last Night / Crazy Girl / Always The Love Songs / Dust / Saltwater Gospel / Guinevere / Skin & Bones / When It Rains / Small Town Kid / Highways And Broken Hearts / Where Were You / Crazy Girl (acoustic)

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