Chanteur Country US né Bishop Milton Sykes, le 6 Août 1928 à Henry County (Tennessee). Bobby Sykes a débuté en 1958 chez Decca, il a passé ensuite chez Epic, Columbia, Starday et Jed Records. Bobby a tourné avec Marty Robbins. Il fut un chanteur régulier au Home Folks On RFD 8 (WSIX-TV, Nashville, Tennessee). Il a chanté aussi sous le nom de Bob Bishop. Bobby Sykes est décédé le 7 Novembre 1994 à Nashville Tennesse.

A top session man -- particularly in association with Marty Robbins, with whom he worked and performed for many years, guitarist/singer Bobby Sykes also enjoyed a recording career of his own on labels such as RCA-Victor, Sims, and Starday during the 1960s. Sykes was already a member of Robbins' band, and Robbins had enjoyed a string of hits in country and rock & roll, and one Western hit, "The Hanging Tree," when Sykes and singer/guitarist and session man Jim Glaser suggested that he record a complete album of Western songs. The result was Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs and its follow-up, which opened up a whole new and very fertile field of music for Robbins and hundreds of other country performers in the decades to come.
Sykes and Robbins were thick as thieves where music and politics were concerned. In 1964, Robbins wrote a pair of topical songs, "Ain't I Right" and "My Own Native Land," attacking Communist sympathizers and antiwar protesters and implicitly supporting the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater that year. Columbia was afraid of the potential political repercussions of Robbins releasing the songs, and instead Sykes recorded them for the Sims label -- using the alias "Johnny Freedom" -- in a voice so similar to Robbins that for many years the single was mistaken for a Marty Robbins release.
Sykes' own singles on the Jed and Dollie labels during the late '50s and '60s included the ballads "A Touch of Loving" and "Until You're in My Arms" and the classic "Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves," a favorite pick of car- and truck-song compilers and country music enthusiasts. He also recorded for Starday, including "Place for Girls Like You," which opens up the multi-artist compilation The Wonderful World of Country Music, released in the mid-'70s. Additionally, Sykes also recorded a dozen or more country numbers for RCA through Reader's Digest for that publisher's Country and Western Jamboree series, six songs in collaboration with singer Lou Darnell and six more solo, with songwriters ranging from Pete Seeger ("On Top of Old Smokey"), Pee Wee King ("Bonaparte's Retreat"), and Jimmie Rodgers ("In The Jailhouse Now") to Hank Williams ("Your Cheatin' Heart"), Jimmie Davis ("You Are My Sunshine"), and Floyd Tillman ("I Love You So Much It Hurts"). His most visible work, however, remains the playing and singing he did on numerous Marty Robbins singles and albums, and their CD reissues.

Talents : Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Actor

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



05/1958 SP DECCA 9-30573 (US) Touch Of Loving / Got Some Bad News
1959 SP EPIC 5-9316 (US) Delia's Gone / How's The World Treating You?
11/1959 SP EPIC 5-9346 (US) Never Felt Like This / Moonlight Becomes You
1960 SP EPIC 5-9386 (US) Having Myself A Ball (Roy HAMILTON) / Slowly
1960 SP EPIC 5-9413 (US) And They Did!! / I'm Learning
1963 SP STARDAY 630 (US) Run, Johnny, Run / A Place For Girls Like You
1963 SP STARDAY 7006 (US) Truck Driver's Queen (WILLIS BROTHERS) / Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves (Bobby SYKES)
1964 SP STARDAY 654 (US) Good Bad Girl / I Should Start Running
1964 SP STARDAY 7019 (US) Bobby SYKES & Helen CARTER - Release Me / There Stands The Glass
1968 SP ABC 11132 (US) Bob BISHOP - It's Gonna Hurt You More Than Me / Roses To Reno
1969 SP ABC 11200 (US) Bob BISHOP - Another Man's World / Somewhere In The Country
1969 SP ABC 11243 (US) Bob BISHOP - Man Walks Among Us / If Your Sweet Love Don't Find Me
1974 SP JMI 33 (US) Foggy River / Sugarfoot Rag
197? SP JED 10007 (US) Wonderful World Of Women / Living A Lie
197? SP JED 10010 (US) Esther / Money Can't Buy Happiness
19?? SP BILIN BS-2200 (US) Charlie-O-The-Mule (Gene McKOWN) / The Legend Of A Mule (Bobby SYKES)

Unissued Tracks

195? Unissued Until You're In My Arms


1965 LP 12" HILLTOP JM-6034 (mono) / JS-6034 (stereo) (US) THE NASHVILLE SOUND OF MODERN COUNTRY MUSIC - BENNY MARTIN & BOBBY SYKES -Her Baby Girl (Benny MARTIN) / I'm Gonna Cry (Benny MARTIN) / Big Footed Dan (Benny MARTIN) / Big Tiger Ramble (Benny MARTIN) / Dimes Worth Of Dreams (Benny MARTIN) / Good Girl Bad (Bobby SYKES) / Long Lonesome Road (Bobby SYKES) / I Should Start Running (Bobby SYKES) / Run Johnny Run (Bobby SYKES) / A Place For Girls Like You (Bobby SYKES)
1974 LP 12" JMI 4007 (US) THE RHYTHM OF RED - Bobby SYKES

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