Chanteuse Country US originaire de Lubbock (Texas).

The singing career of Lubbock, TX, native Kimmie Rhodes kicked off at the age of six, when she first performed with her family gospel trio. During her teens she began learning guitar and writing songs, and in 1979 moved to Austin, where she met her future husband and producer Joe Gracey. Two years later, Rhodes released her debut LP, Kimmie Rhodes and the Jackalope Brothers, followed in 1985 by her second effort, Man in the Moon. She recorded her third album, 1989's Angels Get the Blues, at Sun Studios in Memphis. While commercial success continually eluded Rhodes, her music proved popular with other performers; her song "I Just Drove By" was covered by Wynonna on the Tell Me Why album, and the duo pairing of Trisha Yearwood and Willie Nelson recorded "Hard Promises to Keep" for Yearwood's The Song Remembers When. Rhodes herself also cut a pair of duos with Nelson for his Just One Love LP; Nelson returned the favor for Rhodes' 1996 effort West Texas Heaven, on which she also teamed with Waylon Jennings and Townes Van Zandt. Rich From the Journey followed in the spring of 2000. Love Me Like a Song, Rhodes’ sixth album, was released in 2002. The following year, she teamed up with Willie Nelson for the duo album Picture in a Frame. 2004’s Lost & Found was a collection of previously unreleased recordings recorded between 1996 and 2003. Rhodes’ 2005 album Windblown doubled as the soundtrack for a performance-art piece that debuted in January 2005. Similarly, 2006’s Small Town Girl featured songs from Rhodes’ stage musical of the same name. She followed it with her 2008 release, Walls Fall Down.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Progressive Country, Alt-Country, Americana, Alternative/Indie Rock, Traditional Country, Outlaw Country, Country-Pop, Country-Folk

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



04/1996 CD JUSTICE 2201 (US) WEST TEXAS HEAVEN - West Texas Heaven / Hard Promises To Keep / Wild Roses / Just To Be Near You / Maybe We'll Just Disappear / Be Mine / Git You A Job / I Never Heard You Say / The Corner Of The Bar / Home John / I'm Gonna Fly / Les Roses Sauvages / I'm Not An Angel
11/1997 CD LAST CALL 302444 (US) JACKALOPES MOONS & ANGELS - A COLLECTION, 1985-1990 - Contrabandistas / I'm His Little Chevrolet / Sweetheart You're A Lot LikeTexas / Man In The Moon / 1000 Magicians / Daddy's Song / It'll Do / Angels Get The Blues / Just One Love / I Just Drove By / Bad Times For Me / Trying For My Heart
03/2000 CD SUNBIRD 1 (US) RICH FROM THE JOURNEY - Rich From The Journey / Thank You For Another Day / Shine All Your Light / Big Ol' Train / Espiritu Santo Bay / I'm So Amazed / There Is A Place / Yellow Sand / God's Acre / The Wonderful Sound / This Is The Gift / Bells Of Joy
06/2002 CD SUNBIRD 70003 (US) LOVE ME LIKE A SONG - Darkness Lifting / I Have Everything / Only Love Can Save Me Now / Love Me Like A Song / Send Me The Sun / Midnight Song / Play Me A Memory / Louis' World / We've Done This Before / Witness To The Crime / Love And Happiness For You / November December / The One To Walk You Home
2003 CD Sunbird SBD 007 (US) Picture In A Frame - Kimmie Rhodes & Willie Nelson - Picture In A Frame / Valentine / Just One Love / 'Til I Gain Control Again / Love Me Like A Song / I Just Drove By / Contrabandistas / It Always Will Be / We've Done This Before / Rhinestone Highway
04/2004 CD SUNBIRD 0009 (US) LOST & FOUND - The Road To Jubilee / Take Me Down / Over The Edge / Catfish Song / The Past Never Happened / Heart Of A Believer / Daddy's Heaven / War Prayer / I'm Not An Angel / Keep Me In Your Grace / Born In A Barn / Lines / Somebody Cares For Me
02/2005 CD SUNBIRD 70010 (US) WINDBLOWN - Windblown / Oh Padre / Lost In You Again / That's My Heart / Desert Train / Laredo Cantina / Little Angelina / El Diablo Gallo / Angelino / Clear Blue Sky
09/2005 CD SUNBIRD 00122 (US) TEN SUMMERS - West Texas Heaven / Maybe We'll Just Disappear / I'm Gonna Fly / The Road To Jubilee / I'm Not An Angel / Rich From The Journey / Thank You For Another Day / Big Ol' Train / Love Me Like A Song / Only Love Can Save Me Now / Send Me The Sun / Love And Happiness For You / Desert Train / Windblown
10/2006 CD SUNBIRD 0014 (US) SMALL TOWN GIRL - Small Town Girl / Life Is Just A Circus Anyway / West Texas Heaven / Mama Believed In Miracles / Angels Unawares / Wake Up Sleepy Town / Daddy's Song / West Texas Tango / Our Father's Face / The Wind Was Talking / Card Houses / Daddy Took The Small Town Girl Away, She's Starring / Look At You / Rose Loves The Carnival / Take It With You / Rhinestone Highway
01/2009 CD SUNBIRD 11504 (US) WALLS FALL DOWN - Walls Fall Down / If I Needed You / Sex & Gasoline / Beautiful / I've Been Loved By You / All In All / Make The Morning Shine / The Fool On The Hill / Your Majesty / Shining Like A Sun / There's A Storm Coming / Last Seven Seconds
11/2010 CD SUNBIRD SBD 0017 (US) MIRACLES ON CHRISTMAS DAY - Miracles On Christmas Day / One More White Christmas / Carol Of The Bells / Little Touch Of Christmas / The Christmas Star / Wake Up Sleepy Town / Toymaker’s Hands / Angel Unawares / Sleep Baby Sleep / What Child Is This / Mary / A New Song
03/2011 CD SUNBIRD SBD 0018 (US) DREAMS OF FLYING - Dreams Of Flying / Back Again / Like Love To Me / Catch The Wind / Turnin’ My World / One By One / New Way Through / Unholy Ghost / Not A Cloud / Luh Luh Love / Start Saying Goodbye
03/2015 CD SUNBIRD SBD 0021  (US) Cowgirl Boudoir - I Am Falling / Lover Killing Time / None Of Us Are Innocent / Me Again / Don't Leave Me Like This / Worthy Cause / Always Never Leave / Darlin' Oh Darlin' / Trouble Is / The Sky Fell Down / Will You / Having You Around / What Do I Have Now / Yes

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