Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US né Alessandro Randazzo, le 13 Mai 1935 à Brooklin (New York). Teddy Randazzao a débuté avec les Three Chuckles en 1949. Il est décédé le 21 Novembre 2003 à Orlando (Floride).

Teddy Randazzo was never quite as visible as other New York-spawned rock 'n' roll talent of the 1950's — to name a few, Dion was more of a star and for a lot longer, and the various members of Jay & The Americans enjoyed hits right to the outset of the 1970's. But Randazzo had his day in the sun as a singer, and he also wrote hundreds of songs, and saw many dozens of recordings of the best of his work. Born in Brooklyn in 1937, he was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family, and by 15 was a good enough accordion player to turn professional, as a member of the group the Three Chuckles, who were in the market for a new keyboardman and singer — the singing took a little time to develop, with help from his decade-older fellow group members Tommy Romano and Russ Gilberto, but when the group started recording, it was the sides that Randazzo sang on that initially hit, and by 1955, at 17, he was the frontman for the group. They had a number one hit with "And The Angels Sing", which had a rocking beat and brought them to the attention of deejay Alan Freed, who put the group into his first jukebox movie, Rock, Rock, Rock (shot in New York, in the Bronx, actually), but also gave Randazzo a solo spot.When the smoke cleared from the movie, Randazzo had decided to go solo. He continued recording for Vik Records, a unit of RCA Victor, and enjoyed a minor success in 1958 with "Little Serenade", and made an appearance in Freed's next movie, Mister Rock And Roll, as well as in the 20th Century-Fox CinemaScope color production The Girl Can't Help It, among other movies. By 1960, he'd moved to ABC-Paramount, where he had another minor hit with "The Way Of A Clown", and in 1963 he had another small hit with "Big Wide World" on the Colpix label. But it was mostly as a songwriter and producer that Randazzo busied himself and made his real success in the music business; he wrote some 650 songs over the ensuing decades, and saw them recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dionne Warwick. "Pretty Blue Eyes", authored with Bob Weinstein, was a number one hit for Steve Lawrence. But it was with Little Anthony & The Imperials that he had his longest success — in addition to producing the group, he authored "Going Out Of My Head", "I'm On The Outside Looking In", and "Hurt So Bad" (later covered by Linda Ronstadt), among other hits.Randazzo became less visible as the 1960's wore on, and in the 1970's was largely forgotten by all except oldies fans. He remained active as a songwriter and behind-the-scenes, and did the occasional live performance to keep his hand in, but by then he was earning a good income from his annual royalties. He busied himself in local production in both Florida and Hawaii, especially the latter, and reportedly enjoyed a very happy second marriage — his son from his first marriage, Teddy Randazzo Jr., has also had a successful music career. Randazzo died in his sleep in 2003.

Talents : Singer, Accordion, Guitar

Style musical : Pop, Rock 'n' Roll

LIES (1959)


SHOUT (1962)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000


Singles & EP

1957 SP VIK 0277 (US) . Next Stop Paradise / How Could You Know
1957 SP VIK 0289 (US) . I Was The Last One To Know / Kiddio (From The Movie "Mister Rock And Roll")
1957 SP VIK 0310 (US) . Red Ruby Lips / I'll Never Smile Again
1958 SP VIK 0319 (US) . To Belong / Dutch Treat
1958 SP VIK 0330 (US) . Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata) / Be My Kitten, Little Chicken
1958 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 9983 (US) . It's Magic / Rather Than I
1959 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 9998 (US) . You Are Always In My Heart / Papito
1959 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10014 (US) . Laughing On The Outside / Awkward Age
1959 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10043 (US) . I'm On A Merry-Go-Round / Lies
1959 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10068 (US) . How I Need You / You Don't Care Anymore
1959 EP ABC-PARAMOUNT 45-90863 (F) How I Need You / You Don't Care Anymore / Lies / I'm On A Merry-Go-Round
1959 EP ABC-PARAMOUNT 45-90864 (F) Laughing On The Outside / Tha Awkward Age / Pepito / It's Magic
1960 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10088 (US) . The Way Of A Clown / Cherie
1960 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10103 (US) . The Way Of A Clown / Cherie
1960 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10127 (US) . Misery / But You Broke My Heart
1960 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10131 (US) . Misery / Journey Of Love
1961 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10193 (US) . Happy Ending / But You Broke My Heart
1961 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10228 (US) . Broken Bell / Let The Sun Shine In
1961 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10247 (US) . Don't Go Away / One More Chance
1961 EP ABC-PARAMOUNT 45-90888 (F) Let The Sunshine In / Broken Bell / Don't Go Away / One More Chance
1962 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10287 (US) . Mother Goose Twist / It's A Pity To Say Goodbye
1962 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10312 (US) . Teenage Senorita / Blue Hawaii Moon
1962 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10350 (US) . Cotton Fields / Dance To The Locomotion
1962 SP ABC-PARAMOUNT 10377 (US) . Echoes / It Wasn't A Dream
1962 SP COLPIX 662 (US) . Big Wide World / Be Sure My Love
1962 EP ABC-PARAMOUNT 45-90901 (F) Shout (part. 1 & 2) / Twistin' To The Locomotion / Cotton Fields
1962 EP ABC-PARAMOUNT 45-90902 (F) Bo Diddley / Ooh Poo Pah Doo / Foot Stompin' / US Mail

Twistin' To The Locomotion / To Young To Fall In Love / U.S. Mail / Ooh Poo Pah Doo

1963 SP COLPIX 684 (US) . Dear Heart / Just Hold My Hand
1964 SP DCP 1003 (US) . Pretty Blue Eyes / Doo Dah
1964 SP DCP 1108 (US) . Less Than Tomorrow / Lost Without You
1965 SP DCP 1134 (US) . You Don't Need A Heart / As Long As I Live
1966 SP DCP 1153 (US) . You're Not That Girl Anymore / Soul
1966 SP MGM 13511 (US) . Per Un Pugno Di Dollari / Watch What Happens
1966 SP MGM 13648 (US) . Teddy RANDAZZO & ALL 6 - I'm Losing You / Trick Or Treat
1967 SP MGM 13682 (US) . A Fistful Of Dollars / Take Me Back
1967 SP VERVE / FOLKWAYS 5050 (US) . A World Without Love / Just One More Time
1968 SP BUDDAH 34 (US) . Maggie's Theme / Girl On My Mind


1958 ? LP 12" VIK X-1121 (US) I'M CONFESSIN'
1961 LP 12" ABC-PARAMOUNT ABC 352 (mono) / ABCS 352 (stereo) (US) JOURNEY TO LOVE - Lady Of Spain / A Foggy Day / Canadian Sunset / It Happened In Monterey / Blue Hawaiian Moon / Under Paris Skies / Brazil / Autumn In New York / On A Slow Boat To China / Arrivederci, Roma / Journey To Love / To The Ends Of The Earth
1962 LP 12" ABC-PARAMOUNT ABC 421 (mono) / ABCS 421 (stereo) (US) TEDDY RANDAZZO TWISTS - Bo Diddley / U.S Mail / Sout / Late Date Baby / The Peppermint Twist / Too Young To Fall In Love / Twistin' To The Locomotion / Foot Stompin' / What'd I Say / Cotton Fields / Ooh Poo-Pah-Doo / Let The Sunshine In
1966 LP 12" MGM E 4410 (mono) / SE 4410 (stereo) (US) THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. (TV Soundtrack) - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. / Shall We Gather At The Boat Dock / Out Of The Frying Pan / April / Mother Muffin / Movin' On / The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. / Sneaky Search / Somewhere In Greece / The Countess / Bomb Scare / Follow The T.H.R.U.S.H.
19?? LP 12" DOMINO DLP 1003 (EUR)

WE'RE GONNA ROCK TONIGHT - We’re Gonna Rock Tonight / I’ll Stop Anything I’m Doing / Next Stop Paradise / Teenage Senorita / Bo Diddley / Foot Stompin’ / One More Change / Pretty Blue Eyes / Be My Kitten Little Chicken / Mother Goose Twist / Late Date Baby / Oh-Poo-Pah-Doo / Pagan Love Song / The Way Of A Clown / Little Serenade / Twistin’ To The locomotion

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