Groupe US formé en 1998 à Huntsville (Alabama).

Taking inspiration from roots music and Southern tales of the supernatural, the Pine Hill Haints play a self-described style of "Alabama ghost country" that touches upon honky tonk, rockabilly, folk, and bluegrass. As a child, Jamie Barrier (Vocalss, guitar) often joined his grandfather in attending local hootenannies, where he was exposed to the musical traditions of his native Alabama. Later, Barrier honed his own voice by singing in a graveyard — the Pine Hill Cemetery — and formed the raucous rockabilly outfit the Wednesdays while still in elementary school. The Wednesdays would go on to release several albums in the 2000s, but Barrier nevertheless formed the Pine Hill Haints in 1998 as a second (and considerably different) project, piecing together a revolving lineup that ultimately solidified around core members Matt Bakula (washtub bass, banjo), Ben Rhyne (snare drum), and Jamie's wife, Katie Barrier (washboard, mandolin). The band issued its earliest recordings (three full-lengths, a 12" vinyl, and several split albums) on Barrier's own Arkam Records before attracting attention from K Records' founder Calvin Johnson, who recorded the band's next release — You Bury Your Hate in a Shallow Grave — for free. The disc was released on Portland's LELP label, as was the band's follow-up EP, Pine Hill Haints Meet Clampitt, Gaddis & Buck. While the Pine Hill Haints retreated back to Arkam for 2005's Those Who Wander, they were subsequently picked up by K Records and released Ghost Dance, an eclectic album of 20 lo-fi songs, in November 2007.

Talents : Jamie Barrier : Vocalss, Guitars - Katie “Kat” Barrier : Washboard, Mandolin - Matt Bakula : Washtub, Bass, Banjo - Ben Rhyne : Snare, Drum - Former Members : Travis Hightower : washtub - Roger Holcombe : Snare - Rymodee : Saw - Bradley Williams : Washtub

Style musical : Alternative Country Rock, Roots Rock, Rockabilly Revival

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



08/2004 CD LELP 1984 (US)
Wayfaring Stranger / Wade In The Water / You Bury Your Hate In A Shallow Grave / Lady Of Cypress Creek / Where The Roses Never Fade
05/2005 CD LELP 1986 (US) Your Wicked Heart (CLAMPITT, GADDIS & BUCK) / The Darkest Hour (CLAMPITT, GADDIS & BUCK) / Squirrel Hill Special (CLAMPITT, GADDIS & BUCK) / Homeward Track (The PINE HILL HAINTS) / Catfish Angels (The PINE HILL HAINTS) / Queen Of Bell Witch Opry (The PINE HILL HAINTS)


03/2002 CD ARKAM 11 (US) THE PINE HILL HAINTS / THE NATCHEZ SHAKERS - Poor Ole Kate (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Cegohill Rambler (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Billy Tomb (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Evyline (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / The Devil's Backbone (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Date Song (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / God's Own Country (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Priest-God (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / The Last (NATCHEZ SHAKERS) / Whiskey Broke My Fall (PINE HILL HAINTS) / The Cold, Cold Hand (PINE HILL HAINTS) / Somebody Lied (PINE HILL HAINTS) / God, The Devil And The Two By The Gate (PINE HILL HAINTS) / God Bless The Pine Hill Saints (PINE HILL HAINTS) / Livestock Abduction (PINE HILL HAINTS) / Your Wicked Heart Has Done Me Wrong (PINE HILL HAINTS) / Ghost Train (PINE HILL HAINTS)
04/2003 CD ARKAM 17 (US) TRAINS HAVE NO NAME - Tennessee River Rambler / They Tried To Kill My Momma's Son / Trains Have No Names / Wrestle With The Angels / Troubled Kid / Coon Dog Cemetery / Crush My Heart / Fountains Of Smoke, Rivers Of Beer / White Lightnin' Strikes, The Earth Quakes / Back In The Saddle Again / What Is A Haint? (Live)
06/2005 CD ARKAM 20 (US) THOSE WHO WANDER - You Will Never See The Morning / Merry Widows Of Joe Cain / My Heroes Have Always Been Wolves / Don't Wait For Six Strong Men To Carry To Church /  I Ride And Old Paint / All My Rowdy Friends Are Dead / Last Of The Natchez Shakers / Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies / Ol' Suzanah - Camptown Races / I Will Never Be There / If You Don't Keep Score You'll Never Lose / Banshee's Wail / Goodnight Irene
11/2007 CD K 61186 (US) GHOST DANCE - Spirit Of 1812 / For Every Glass That's Empty / I Never Thought / The Day Woudl Come When You Could Hate Me So Dearly / Say Something, Say Anything / St. Louis Blues / Phantom Rules / When You Fall / Death By Stereo / Garden Of The Dead / Whisper In The Dark / You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond / Catfish Angels / St. James Infirmary Blues / Cuckoo Bird / Columbus Stockade Blues / Walkin' Talkin' Deadman / Ol' White Thang Blues / Raggle Taggle Gypsy / Leo O'Sullivan's Story / Wake Up

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