Chanteur Country US né William Clarence Phillips, le 28 Janvier 1936 à Canton (Caroline du Nord). Bill Phillips est décédé le 23 Août 2010.

born William Clarence Phillips, 28 January 1936, Canton, North Carolina, USA. Phillips grew up in an area steeped in country music and learned guitar and began singing before leaving high school to work as an upholsterer. In 1955, he joined the Old Southern Jamboree on WMIL Miami and sang at local clubs, before moving to Nashville in 1957. He joined Cedarwood Publishing as a songwriter and soon gained attention when he penned Webb Pierce's 1958 Top 10 country hit ‘Falling Back To You’. This success saw Phillips signed to Columbia Records and in 1959 and 1960, he registered his first two Top 30 hits with ‘Sawmill’ and ‘Georgia Town Blues’, both with Mel Tillis, and he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. He joined Decca Records in 1963 and by 1971, had registered 12 more hits, the biggest being ‘Put It Off Until Tomorrow’ (1966) which, with Dolly Parton (the song’s co-writer) on harmony vocal, reached number 6. Other Top 10s included ‘The Company You Keep’ (1966), ‘The Words I’m Gonna Have To Eat’ and ‘Little Boy Sad’ (1969), the latter having previously been a 1961 pop hit for Johnny Burnette. During the 70s, he registered five more minor hits, when recording on the United Artists or Soundwaves label. From the early 70s, he began to work as part of the Kitty Wells - Johnny Wright Show, although continuing to make a few recordings as a solo artist. In 1995, he suffered a stroke and Wells, Wright and other country music friends played a charity show to raise money for him.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country

There's A Change In Me (1958)

Foolish Me (1958)

Walk With Me Baby (1961)

Stepping Out (1964)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t. & Singles

08/1958 78 t. COLUMBIA 41218 (US) There's A Change In Me / Lying Lips
08/1958 SP COLUMBIA 4-41218 (US) There's A Change In Me / Lying Lips
12/1958 78 t. COLUMBIA 41323 (US) Foolish Me / Pledged To Silence
12/1958 SP COLUMBIA 4-41323 (US) Foolish Me / Pledged To Silence
06/1959 78 t. COLUMBIA 41416 (US) Sawmill (Mel TILLIS & Bill Phillips) / You Are The Reason (Mel TILLIS)
06/1959 SP COLUMBIA 4-41416 (US) Sawmill (Mel TILLIS & Bill Phillips) / You Are The Reason (Mel TILLIS)
11/1959 SP COLUMBIA 4-41530 (US) Mel TILLIS & Bill Phillips - Georgia Town Blues / Till I Get Enough Of Those Blues
04/1960 SP COLUMBIA 4-41646 (US) All Night Long / Empty Hours
10/1960 SP COLUMBIA 4-41827 (US) How Could You / I Found A True Love
02/1961 SP COLUMBIA 4-41954 (US) Walk With Me Baby / Blues Are Settin' In
09/1961 SP COLUMBIA 4-42158 (US) Love Never Dies / Outsider
03/1962 SP COLUMBIA 4-42353 (US) Yankee Trader / Pledged To Silence
04/1963 SP DECCA 31480 (US) Lying To Be Together / Let's Walk Away Strangers
01/1964 SP DECCA 31584 (US) I Can Stand It (As Long As She Can) / Wheeling Dealing Daddy
07/1964 SP DECCA 31648 (US) Stepping Out / Stop Me
02/1965 SP DECCA 31733 (US) I Guess You Made A Fool Out Of Me / This Kiss Must Last Forever
05/1965 SP DECCA 31781 (US) Wanted / I'd Be Better Off Without You
10/1965 SP DECCA 31848 (US) It Happens Everywhere / Friends Tell Friends
01/1966 SP DECCA 31901 (US) Put It Off Until Tomorrow (with Dolly PARTON) / Lonely Lonely Boy
07/1966 SP DECCA 31996 (US) The Company You Keep / Lies Just Can't Be True
12/1966 SP DECCA 32074 (US) Falling Back To You / Words I'm Gonna Have To Eat
05/1967 SP DECCA 32141 (US) I Didn't Forget / I Learn Something New Everyday
10/1967 SP DECCA 32207 (US) Love's Dead End / Oh What It Did To Me
03/1968 SP DECCA 32295 (US) I Talked About You Too / Everything Turns Out The Best
09/1968 SP DECCA 32375 (US) I'm Thankful / I've Got Wonderful Future Behind Me
01/1969 SP DECCA 32432 (US) I Only Regret / She's An Angel
09/1969 SP DECCA 32565 (US) Little Boy Sad / I'm Living In Two Worlds
02/1970 SP DECCA 32638 (US) She's Hungry Again / You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
07/1970 SP DECCA 32707 (US) Same Old Story Same Old Lie / You Can't Love Me When I'm Gone
02/1971 SP DECCA 32782 (US) Big Rock Candy Mountain / If I Didn't Forget
01/1972 SP UNITED ARTISTS 50879 (US) I Am I Said / Son
07/1972 SP UNITED ARTISTS 50937 (US) (I Know) We'll Make It / My Intentions
12/1972 SP UNITED ARTISTS 50995 (US) Nothing's Too Good For My Woman / When Love Was Young Enough
06/1973 SP UNITED ARTISTS XW266X (US) It's Only Over Now And Then / I've Got Yesterday
11/1973 SP UNITED ARTISTS XW332W (US) Teach Your Children / New World Tomorrow
1974 SP AVCO CAV-602 (US) I've Loved You All Over The World / We Gave Birth To Passion
03/1975 SP AVCO CAV-608 (US) Four Roses / Typical Day
05/1978 SP SOUNDWAVES SW-4570 (US) Divorce Suit / I've Been Loving You Too Long
09/1978 SP SOUNDWAVES SW-4575 (US) I Love My Neighbor / I'm Turning You Loose
01/1979 SP SOUNDWAVES SW-4579 (US) You're Gonna Make A Cheater Out Of Me / Temporarily Yours
06/1979 SP SOUNDWAVES SW-4587 (US) At The Moonlite / I'm Turning You Loose
11/1979 SP SOUNDWAVES SW-4598 (US) Memory Bound / When Can We Do This Again
04/1981 SP TANGLEWOOD EQ-1907 (US) Dancin' The Night Away / ?
12/1986 SP DOOR KNOB DK86-261 (US) One By One / Deeper Waters
1988 SP KASH K-45-1011 (US) Bill PHILLIPS & Roseanna Rogers - Angels In My Arms / ?


1964 LP 12" HARMONY HL-7309 (US) BILL PHILLIPS' BEST - Empty Hours / Lying Lips / Foolish Me / There's A Change In Me / Walk With Me Baby / Pledged To Silence / Blues Are Settin' In / Better Off / She'll Leave You All Alone / The Outsider
06/1966 LP 12" DECCA DL-4792 (mono) / DL-74792 (mono) (US) PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW - Put It Off Until Tomorrow / Count Me Out / Last Word In Lonesome Is Me / Stepping Out / I Guess You Made A Fool Out Of Me / Loving To Be Together / I Can Stand It (As Long As She Can) / I'm Living In Two Worlds / It Happens Everytime / Stop Me / Falling Back To You / Lonely Lonely Boy
06/1967 LP 12" DECCA DL-4897 (mono) / DL-74897 (stereo) (US) STYLE - Company You Keep / For Lovin' Me / Apartment No 9 / Take Me / I Love You Drops / Lies Just Can't Be True / Words I'm Gonna Have To Eat / There Goes My Everything / City Lights / I Didn't Forget / Let's Walk Away Strangers / Friends Tell Friends
1968 LP 12" DECCA DL-5022 (mono) / DL-75022 (stereo) (US) COUNTRY ACTION - I Talked About You Too / Honey / Another Place Another Time / I'd Be Better Off Without You / Love's Dead End / You've Still Got A Place In My Heart / Everything Turns Out For The Best / That's When I See The Blues / Wanted / I Learn Something New Every Day / Rainbows Are Back In Style
02/1970 LP 12" DECCA DL-75182 (US) LITTLE BOY SAD - Little Boy Sad / I'm Thankful / She's An Angel / Tall Oak Tree / I've Got A Wonderful Future Behind Me / Wheeling Dealing Daddy / I Only Regret / Big Rock Candy Mountain / What Am I Living For / Spanish Eyes / Oh What It Did To Me
1977 LP 12" GUINNESS GNS S-36068 (US)

THE Bill Phillips Project - Desperately / What Would I Do / I Guess You Made A Fool Out Of Me / All That Glitters Isn't Gold / Lonely Lonely Boy / Letter / Blues To Cry / You're Too Late / Slow Down And Live A Little / I'm Not Afraid To Die

1979 LP 12" SOUNDWAVES SWS-3304 (US) WHEN CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN - When Can We Do This Again / Temporarily Yours / You're Make A Cheater Out Of Me / I've Been Loving You Too Long / Memory Bound / Divorce Suit / Ain't It Too Bad / Who Do You Know In Ringold Georgia / I'm Giving Her The State Of West Virginia / At The Moonlite
1981 LP 12" Spiral EQAD-7947 (US)

Tin Can Man - Dancin' The Night Away / Blue Georgia / I'll Be Loving You / More And More / We Can't Leave Well Enough Alone / Tin Can Man / There Must Be Something About Me / I'm In Love Again / It's All Gone / Safely In The Arms Of Jesus

03/1982 LP 12" 51-WEST Q 16252 (US) HONKY TONKIN' - Lyin' Eyes / Don't Let Me Cross Over / Good Hearted Woman / Coca Cola Cowboy / Honky Tonk Angel / I Believe In You / Roll On Mississippi / Fadin' In Fadin' Out / Crazy Arms / Y'all Come Back Saloon
03/2007 CD Mountain Folk ? (US) Hear the Mountains Cry - Hear The Mountains Cry / Wish My Baby Was Born / Pretty Polly / Wild Boar / Willow Garden / Darling Corey / Wayfaring Stranger / Maggie Walker Blues / Omie Wise / Lilac Bush And An Apple Tree

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