Chanteur Country US n le 8 juillet 1959 Tuckson (Arizona).

Though Michael Peterson is an Arizona boy who got into the music business through a college football teammate, he wound up with one of the most popular country hits of 1997. Born in Tucson, Peterson grew up in Washington state, listening to his grandmother's wide-ranging music collection, overloaded with classic American songwriters, including Cole Porter and Harold Arlen, as well as obvious choices like Roger Miller and Willie Nelson. After earning a football scholarship to Pacific Lutheran University (and winning a national championship), he hooked up with former teammate Brad Westering, who was working as a producer for Deniece Williams and others. Peterson wrote several songs for potential use by Westering, and began traveling occasionally to Nashville.
Michael Peterson began working professionally as a songwriter in late 1995, after making connections with writers like DeWayne Blackwell, Josh Leo, and Robert Ellis Orrall. Encouraged by Leo and Ellis Orrall to try his hand at recording as well, Peterson made a demo and soon found a contract with Warner Bros. His self-titled debut album appeared in mid-1997, heralded by the rough-and-rowdy hit single "Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie," plus a duo with Travis Tritt. Peterson's sophomore effort, Being Human, appeared in 1999.

Talents : Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Piano

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



04/1997 CD REPRISE 17379 (US) Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie / For A Song
1997 CD REPRISE ? (US) From Here To Eternity
1998 CD REPRISE ? (US) Too Good To Be True
1998 CD REPRISE ? (US) When The Bartender Cries
1998 CD REPRISE ? (US) By The Book
03/1999 CD REPRISE 19995 (US) Somthin' 'Bout A Sunday
08/1999 CD REPRISE 16933 (US) Sure Feels Real Good


07/1997 CD REPRISE 9-46618-2 (US) MICHAEL PETERSON - Lost In The Shuffle / Love's Great / When The Bartender Cries / Drink Swear Steal And Lie / I Finally Passed The Bar / From Here To Eternity / That's What They Said About The Buffalo / Too Good To Be True / Since I Thought I Knew It All / By The Book / For A Song
06/1999 CD REPRISE 9-47353-2 (US) BEING HUMAN - Laughin' All The Way To The Bank / You Find Love When You Make It / I Owe It All To You / Somethin' Bout A Sunday / Let Me Love You One More Time / Sure Feels Real Good / Being Human, Stomp / Two Of The Lucky Ones / Slow Dance / Before Another Day Goes By
05/2000 CD WARNER BROS. 47715 (US) SUPER HITS - Drink Swear Steal And Lie / From Here To Eternity / Somethin' Bout A Sunday / I Owe It All To You / Too Good To Be True / Laughin' All The Way To The Bank / I Finally Passed The Bar / Sure Feels Real Good / When The Bartender Cries / Two Of The Lucky Ones
2004 CD AGR 2010 (US) MODERN MAN - No More Looking Over My Shoulder, Travelers Prayer, Modern Man, If My Memory Serves Me Well, Rome Burns, Nothing Compares To Loving You, Right About Now, Play, Let Your Imagination Run Away With Me, What Makes A Man, Lesson In Goodbye, About Caroline, Good Thing When It's Gone, Oklahoma Stray

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