Chanteuse Country US née à Hickory Grove (Louisiane).

She would later combine it with a traditional country style, but Alecia Nugent grew up surrounded by traditional bluegrass music. Her father started the Southland Bluegrass Band the year Nugent was born, and when she was old enough she joined the band and sang lead on Holly Dunn's hit, "Daddy's Hands." She was the band's lead vocalist by her late teens, adding some of the gutsy style of her favorite singer, Reba McEntire. By the end of the '90s she had built a loyal following in and around her home state of Louisiana. Bluegrass promoter Johnny Stringer was one of her fans and eventually got Nugent in touch with Rounder Records through his friend and Grand Ole Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs. Rounder signed Nugent and released her self-titled debut in early 2004. A Little Girl...A Big Four-Lane appeared two years later with Hillbilly Goddess following in 2009.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Bluegrass, Alternative Country, Bluegrass Gospel

Années en activité :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



03/2004 CD ROUNDER 610518 (US) ALECIA NUGENT - I'll Stay Around / Red, White And Blue / If Your Heart Could Talk / My First Mistake / Jealous Heart / Think Of What You've Done / Paper And Pen / But I Do / For Love's Sake (with Carl JACKSON) / You Don't Have To Go Home / Blame It On The Train
02/2006 CD ROUNDER 0566 (US) A LITTLE GIRL...A BIG FOUR-LANE - Too Good To Be True / Muddy River / God Knows What / A Dozen White Roses / Where His Wheels Left The Road / I Cried All The Way To Kentucky / When It Comes Down To Us (It's All Up To You) (with Bradley WALKER) / You've Still Got It / Breaking New Ground / It Won't Be Me / Letter From Home / Somewhere Else To Fall / Meet Me In Heaven Someday
03/2009 CD ROUNDER 610612 (US) HILLBILLY GODDESS - Wreckin' The Train / Don't Tell Me / Hillbilly Goddess (with J.D. CROWE) / Just Another Alice / The Last Greyhound / Cryin' All The Way To The Bank / Dyin' To Hold Her Again / Nugent Family Band / Wishin' Hard / The Writing's All Over The Wall (with Bradley WALKER) / Already Home

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