Chanteur Country US né à Keyser (Virginie de l'Ouest). Smiley Monroe fut un chanteur réguler au Town Hall Party de Compton (Californie) en 1957.

US Country singer born in Keyser (West Virginia). Smiley Monroe was a regular singer at Town Hall Party of Compton (California) in 1957.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Traditional Country, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly

Paul Bunyan Love (1956)

Happy Happy Birthday (1959)

Life's Changing Scenes (1960)

Tonight I'm Giving Up (1960)

Run, Run Ya' Son Of A Gun (1963)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



10/1956 SP VITA 45-V-131 (US) Wigwam Wigwop / Paul Bunyan Love
03/1957 SP VITA 45-V-149 (US) Smiley Monroe & Ruby - Riches Or Fame / The Snake Song
09/1957 SP VITA 45-V-163 (US) Smiley MONROE & Jay SCOTT GROUP - Teenage Doll / I Didn't Know
02/1958 SP VITA 45-V-172 (US) All American Girl / I've Got Somebody
1959 SP VITA V-183 (US) Sweetheart Of All My Dreams / Heavan's Earth Angel
11/1959 SP VITA 45-V-189 (US) Happy Happy Birthday / Paul Bunyan Love
19?? SP VITA LM 501 (US) Smiley Monroe, Jack Manning & The Swing Tune Cowboys - Every Bit Of Me's In Love / I Made A Mistake
02/1960 SP SKYLITE 502 (US) Smiley MONROE & The SKYLITE BALLROOM BAND - Plane That's Flying Ahead / Life's Changing Scenes
1961 SP TOPPA 45-1036 (US) I Want You / Pink Carnations And Yellow Roses
07/1961 SP TOPPA 45-1042 (US) Life Of A Poor Boy / I'll Take My Heartaches With Me
03/1962 SP TOPPA 45-1053 (US) The Girl I Leave Behind / Selfish Lies
09/1962 SP TOPPA 45-1073 (US) Smiley Monroe & The Golden State Boys - Bluegrass In Hollywood / Small Wooden Cross
1963 SP TOPPA 45-1083 (US) Smiley Monroe with “Curly” Bowers & The Blue Ridge Mountaineers - Dottie Dobro (Loves Billy Bass) / Billy Bluegrass
1963 SP SAGE 45-403 (US) Pickin' Pete And Bangin' Sam / The New Spinning Wheel
1963 SP SAGE 45-405 (US) Run, Run Ya' Son Of A Gun / Tonight I'm Giving Up
1966 SP TOPPA T-1115 (US) Temptation's Got A Hold On Me / Don't Let It Happen To Me
1968 SP Newhall N-6806 (US) H-A-P-P-Y / Line Of Broken Hearts
1969 SP Newhall N-691 (US) Get The Gravy Hot / She Took Everything But The Blame
1969 SP Newhall N-693 (US) Play It Country / Let Jesse Rob The Train
1969 SP Public! P-1008 (US) Play It Country / Let Jesse Rob The Train
03/1972 SP Portland Ltd. 45-1006 (US) Secret Agent Seven *Double* O / Bluegrass In Hollywood
08/1972 SP Portland Ltd. 45-1010 (US) Sorry, Mary Ann / Janie's Sad Song
1973 ? SP Portland Ltd. 45-1018 (US) Human Jukebox / This Song Is Just For You
1974 SP JUBAL 174 (US) (promo) Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again? [stereo] / Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again? [mono]

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