Chanteur Country US n Roger Dean Miller le 15 Octobre 1965 Los Angeles (Californie). Dean Miller est le fils de Roger Miller.

The son of Roger Miller, famed for the perennial "King of the Road", contemporary country singer/songwriter Dean Miller was born in Los Angeles October 15, 1966 but raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Launching his performing career as a solo act on the Santa Fe club circuit, he relocated to L.A. in the early 1980s, joining an acoustic unit dubbed the Sarcastic Hillbillies while attending college and pursuing a simultaneous career in acting. Although the band was a popular attraction on the West Coast country scene, Miller's bandmates did not share his enthusiasm for performing, so he recorded a solo demo and moved to Nashville; there he spent half a decade as a staff songwriter at Sony/Tree Publishing followed by two more years under the auspices of Blue Water. Finally, in 1995 Miller signed a recording contract with the Liberty label, issuing his eponymous debut two years later. The album didn't sell well and Miller was soon dropped from the label. Another deal with another unnamed label was signed but went nowhere. Miller eventually had to find work outside the music industry but he wasn't giving up. He wasn't going to compromise his art either, and it kept him from inking a deal until the Koch label approached him in 2004. Free to record and release the album he wanted to, Miller got down to business and released Platinum in 2005.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country  

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

19?? SP Sentry One SP 100120 / 100121 (US) . Mama's Waiting / Mama Didn't Know
19?? SP COREY C-004 (US) . Leave Me Or Love Me Alone (stereo) / Leave Me Or Love Me Alone (mono)
07/1997 CD CAPITOL 58665 (US) Nowhere, USA
07/1997 SP CAPITOL S7-19648 (US) .

Nowhere, USA / If I Was Your Man

11/1997 CD CAPITOL 58682 (US) My Heart's Broke Down (But My Mind Is Made Up)
11/1997 SP CAPITOL S7-58682 (US) .

My Heart's Broke Down / The Running Side Of Me

02/1998 SP CAPITOL S7-19896 (US) .

Broke Down In Birmingham / Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey

12/2013 CD Off The Verge ? (US)

'Til You Stop Getting Up / Stay / An Angel Believes In Me / This Is Where It All Goes Right

03/2014 CD Off The Verge ? (US)

Begging For A Bullet - Begging For A Bullet / My heart Is In Your Hands / San Francisco


08/1997 CD CAPITOL 7243-8-31559-2-7 (US) DEAN MILLER - Nowhere, USA / Wake Up And Smell The Wiskey / I Used To Know Her / My Heart's Broke Down (But My Mind Is Made Up) / Broke Down In Birmingham / I Feel Bad / Missing You / If I Was Your Man / The Long Way Home / Dreams / The Running Side Of Me
2002 CD UNIVERSAL SOUTH UNSF 30011-2 (US) JUST ME - Love Is A Game / Between Me And Your Love / That's Just Me I Guess / Just The Way You Never Used To Be / This Is Not A Love Song / How Long 'Til You Love Me Now / Praying For Rain / Eight Wonder Of The World / I'm Gonna Lov You Anyway / My heart Is In Your Hands / Carry Ny Kisses
09/2005 CD KOCH KOC-CD-0977 (US) PLATINUM - Hard Love / 105 / Ready For The Rain / Whiskey Wings / Stronger Than Your Love / I've Been A Long Time Leaving / Coming Back To You / On A Good Day / Right Now / Yes Man / Music Executive
07/2014 CD Off The Verge 42875 (US)

'Til  You  Stop  Getting  Up - Begging For A Bullet / Stay / An Angel Believes In Me / This Is Where It All Goes Right / River Across My Heart / 'Til You Stop Getting Up / My Heart Is In Your Hands / Kill My Love / San Francisco / Im A Leaver

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