Acteur et Chanteur Country US né le 21 Juillet 1895 à Vevay (Indiana). Ken Maynard fut le premier singing cowboy. Il est décédé le 23 Mars 1973 à Woodland Hills (Californie).

America's first singing cowboy, Ken Maynard starred in over 300 films and though his recorded legacy is far less overwhelming, he did appear on several sides for Columbia. Born in tiny Vevay, Indiana (he later claimed a Texas birthplace), Maynard was a rodeo champion and trick rider for both Buffalo Bill and the Ringling Brothers Wild West shows. He came to Hollywood in 1923 and became popular quite soon, appearing in more than 20 films by the end of the decade. By 1929, Maynard became the first cowboy crooner (on 1929's The Wagon Master), and he entered Columbia studios in Los Angeles one year later to record eight sides, including several from his recent films. Though he never entered a recording studio again, Maynard remained popular in the film world, winning the top moneymaker award for Westerns in 1936 and 1937 (the first two years the poll was taken). He taught John Wayne the art of stunts, and also provided for Gene Autry's film debut with 1934's In Old Santa Fe. By the end of the '30s however, Maynard's popularity decreased. He made a few more films during the mid-'40s, then retired from active moviemaking. Legendary folklorist Harry Smith later included one of Maynard's recordings, "The Lone Star Trail," on his 1952 folksong compendium Anthology of American Folk Music.

Talents : Actor, Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Cowboy



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000


78 t.

1930 78 t. COLUMBIA 2310D (US) The Cowboy's Lament / The Lone Star Trail

Unissued Track

1930 COLUMBIA Unissued Fannie Moore
1930 COLUMBIA Unissued Sweet Betsy From Pike
1930 COLUMBIA Unissued A Prisoner Life
1930 COLUMBIA Unissued When The Round-Up's Done This Fall
1930 COLUMBIA Unissued Jessie James
1930 COLUMBIA Unissued Home On The Range


04/2009 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD 16861 (GER) KEN MAYNARD SINGS THE LONE STAR TRAIL - Fannie Moore / The Cowboy's Lament / The Lone Star Trail / Sweet Betsy From Pike / A Prisoner For Life / When The Roundup's Done ThisFall / Jesse James / Home On The Range

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