Duo Country US composé de Madison Kay Marlow (née le 7 Juillet 1995) et Taylor Elizabeth "Tae" Dye (née le 18 Septembre 1995).

  Country singing and songwriting duo Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye met as teens in 2014 when they shared the same Vocals coach, and the performing chemistry between them was quickly apparent. On St. Patrick's Day that same year, Marlow and Dye, along with songwriter Aaron Scherz, wrote a song called "Girl in a Country Song," which lampooned the many clichés abundant in the so-called "bro-country" trend then current on the country radio stations. The song caught the ear of Big Machine's Scott Borchetta, who immediately signed the duo, reviving the Dot Records imprint to release "Girl in a Country Song" as a single in the spring of 2014. The song quickly made an impact in Nashville and on the country charts, drawing considerable media attention to Marlow and Dye, both of whom were still in their late teens. By year's end, they'd delivered a selt-titled EP and were hard at work on their first album. In early 2015, they released the single "Fly" in advance of their debut album,  Start Here, which appeared on August 28, 2015. The album debuted at seven on the Billboard Top 200 -- and number two on the country charts -- just as "Fly" climbed into the country Top Ten.


Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country Pop, Folk, Pop Rock, Traditional Country


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



11/2014 CD DOT B00225202 (US)

EP - Girl In A Country Song / Sierra / Fly / Your Side Of Town


08/2015 CD DOT B 002317202 (US) START HERE - Waitin’ On A Plane / Girl In A Country Song / Smoke / Shut Up And Fish / Fly / Sierra / Your Side Of Town / Right Here, Right Now / No Place Like You / After the Storm Blows Through / Downside of Growing Up 

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