Chanteur Country US, Wink Lewis a enregistrť chez Tone Records de Cameron (Texas).

US Country singer, Wink Lewis recorded at Tone Records of Cameron (Texas).

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk

Iím A Honky-Tonk Daddy (1954)

Real Rockiní Daddy (1955) (Jay-Bob Howdy with Hoyle NIX & His West Texas Cowboys)

Low Ball Blues (1956)

Zztt, Zztt, Zztt (1956)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1950 SP GOLD STAR 1394 (US) Wink LEWIS & Martha LYNN - Wonít You Come Back / Iíll Take You Back
1953 SP ABBOTT 119 (US)

Sahw Nessie / Thatís Me When With You

1954 SP FEATURE 1088 (US)

Iím A Honky-Tonk Daddy / Did You Forget Feature

09/1955 SP QUEEN Q-149 (US) Hoyle NIX & His West Texas Cowboys - Real Rockiní Daddy / Another You
09/1955 SP QUEEN Q-149 (US) Real Rockin' Daddy (Jay-Bob Howdy with Hoyle NIX & His West Texas Cowboys) / Another You (Deonne Dome with Hoyle NIX & His West Texas Cowboys)
1956 SP QUEEN Q-153 (US)

Stand Still / Low Ball Blues

09/1956 SP TONE TO-1121 (US) Wink LEWIS with Buz BUSBY & BAND - More Times Than One / Zztt, Zztt, Zztt


199? CD Hillbilly Researcher HBR CD 046 (UK)

Wink Lewis and Martha Lynn - Wonít You Come Back (Wink LEWIS & Martha LYNN) / Iíll Take You Back (Wink LEWIS & Martha LYNN) / GoinĎ HuntinĎ Tonight (Martha LYNN) / Hero In Korea (Martha LYNN) / Sahw Nessie (Wink LEWIS) / Thatís Me When With You (Wink LEWIS) / Iím A Honky-Tonk Daddy Feature (Wink LEWIS) / Real Rockiní Daddy (Wink LEWIS) / Did You Forget (Wink LEWIS) / Learning To Love (Martha LYNN) / Suddenly Thereís A Valley (Martha LYNN) / Stand Still (Wink LEWIS) / Low Ball Blues (Wink LEWIS) / I Canít Live Without Love (Martha LYNN) / Just For Fun (Martha LYNN) / Iím Willing To Try (Martha LYNN) / Iím GoinĎ HuntinĎ Tonight (Martha LYNN) / More Time Than One (Wink LEWIS) / Zzztt Zzztt Zzztt (Wink LEWIS) / When (Martha LYNN) / The End Of My World (Martha LYNN)

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