Duo country d'origine Australienne installé au Etats Unis en 1957. Les Le Garde Twins, Ted et Tom Legarde (tous deux né le 15 Mars 1931 à MacKay, Australie).

This popular duo, also on occasions referred to as Australia, comprises identical twins Tom (the eldest by 30 minutes) and Ted Legarde (b. 15 March 1931, Mackay, Queensland, Australia), the youngest members of a family of nine. They were raised on the family farm, both becoming expert horsemen. At the age of 15, clutching an old guitar and influenced by cowboy films and the recordings of Wilf Carter, they left home. They worked on Queensland’s largest cattle ranch, took part in cattle drives and rode in rodeos, and they began singing at a Victoria rodeo, when they failed to win any prize money but needed to eat. They joined Buddy Williams’ touring rodeo and circus and, at the age of 17, became Australia’s youngest professional rodeo riders. They soon found singing to be less painful than rodeo work and concentrated on it. In 1950, they made their first recordings for Rodeo, but between 1952 and 1957, they had several single releases on Regal Zonophone Records. In 1954, they toured Australia with their boyhood idol Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd), but in 1957, they decided to seek success in America. They first played shows in Canada but later hosted their own television series in Los Angeles. Between 1958 and 1963, they relocated to Nashville, where they recorded singles for Dot Records and Liberty Records and made appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, debuting with their own song, ‘Cooee Call’. They returned to Australia, where they briefly ran a country show from a Paddington, Sydney theatre, recorded albums for Columbia Records and compèred two local country shows. In 1965, they returned to the USA where, under ‘ Colonel’ Tom Parker’s management, they worked in Las Vegas and even appeared in television’s Star Trek. They recorded for numerous labels and in 1978, as the Le Gardes, they achieved a minor hit with ‘True Love’ (a cover of the 1956 Bing Crosby /Grace Kelly pop hit) on Raindrop. A further minor hit came in 1978, with ‘I Can Almost Touch The Feeling’ on 4 Star. In 1980, as the Legarde Twins, they achieved a minor hit, ‘Daddy’s Making Records In Nashville’, for Invitation 101. In 1987, they were awarded Hall Of Fame status at Australia’s prestigious Tamworth Country Festival and during the 80s, they launched their own Boomerang label and made several appearances in the UK, including at the Wembley Festival. Their last US country chart entry reached number 92, ‘Crocodile Man From Walk-About-Creek’, in 1988. During the 90s, they have operated their own theatre near Nashville’s Music Row.


Talents : Ted : Vocals, Guitar - Tom : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rock 'n' Roll


Roll, Rock 'n' Roll That Hula Hoop (1958)

Baby Sitter (1960)

Where Can The Lovelight Be (1960)

Coo-Ee Call (1967)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



07/1957 SP DOT 45-15608 (US) . Poison Darts / Freight Train Yodel
10/1958 SP BEL CANTO 45-BC-725 (US) . LE GARDE TWINS with Earl PALMER & The HOOPERS - Roll, Rock 'n' Roll That Hula Hoop / Hi Di (instr.)
11/1960 SP LIBERTY F-55266 (US) . Baby Sitter / Where Can The Lovelight Be
1960 SP LONDON HL-1736 (AUS) . Baby Sitter / Where Can The Lovelight Be
1962 SP RCA 101292 (AUS) . Coo-Ee Call   / Happy Valley
1967 SP ENTITY E-1001 (US) . Coo-Ee Call / I Could Have Been Lonely (At Home)
04/1972 SP American Heritage Music AH-401-39 (US) . LeGARDE TWINS - Striped Circles / Donut And A Dream
1973 SP 3T Productions LE-20001 (US) Le Garde Twins - Tom & Ted - Pledge Of Allegiance / Volunteer Firemans Tribute
1976 SP EDGE IRDA 2038 (US) (promo) LeGARDE TWINS - I, The American Dollar / I, The American Dollar
1979 SP 4 Star 77-090 (US) (promo) . The Legardes - (Tom & Ted) - I Can Almost Touch The Feelin' / I Can Almost Touch The Feelin'
1979 SP 4 Star 1037 (US) . The Legardes - (Tom & Ted) - I Can Almost Touch The Feelin' / True Love
1980 SP INVITATION 101 (US) . Daddy's Makin' Records In Nashville / Grady Family Band


1981 LP 12" Hall Of MusicHmi 1015 (US) Down Under Country - Coo-Ee Call / Waltzing Matilda / Tie Me Kangeroo Down Sport / Does Your Chewing Gum Loose It's Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight / From N.S.W. To Nashville / My Boomerang Won't Come Back / Down Under Country / The Pub With No Beer / I've Been Everywhere / Wanted / Blue Canadian Rockies / Let's Think About Livin' / True Love / Daddy's Makin' Records In Nashville / Bird Dog / I Have A Love Song For You / Grady Family Band / Devoted To You / The Tips Of My Fingers / Highway Traveler

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