Chanteuse Country US née Robin Lee Irwin, le 7 Novembre 1963 à Nashville (Tennessee).

Singer/songwriter Robin Lee was born and raised in Nashville. She began her career in music while attending high school, performing at school dances and talent shows. She later made demo recordings for local publishing companies. In 1982, Lee debuted on the charts with the minor hit "Turning Back the Covers"; "Heart for a Heart" came the following year. In 1984, four songs became low-level hits, including "Angel in Your Arms"; "Paint the Town Blue" and "Safe in the Arms of Love" both hit the Top 50 the next year. In 1988 she had three Top 50 hits, including "This Old Flame." Lee did not appear on the charts again until 1990 with the title cut of Black Velvet, which made the Top 15 and became her biggest hit to date. The album hit the Top 25, and two other cuts from it reached the Top 70. She had one hit in 1991, "Nothin' but You." After her own recording career slowed, Lee signed as a songwriter for Big Tractor Music, the service owned by Virgin Records Nashville. She married songwriter Trey Bruce and saw her songs recorded by such country music luminaries as LeAnn Rimes and Jo Dee Messina.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Urban Cowboy  

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



01/1983 SP EVERGREEN EV 1003 (US) .

Turning Back The Covers / Angel In Your Arms

05/1983 SP EVERGREEN EV 1006 (US) .

Heart For A Heart / Turning Back The Covers

12/1983 SP EVERGREEN EV 1016 (US) .

Angel In Your Hearts / Turning Back The Covers

03/1984 SP EVERGREEN EV 1018 (US) .

Want Ads / Breaking The Chains

07/1984 SP EVERGREEN EV 1023 (US) .

Cold In July / Breaking The Chains

11/1984 SP EVERGREEN EV 1026 (US) .

I Heard It On The Radio / Angel In Your Arms

06/1985 SP EVERGREEN EV 1033 (US) .

Paint The Town Blue (with Lobo) / (Lobo:) Angel In Your Arms

10/1985 SP EVERGREEN EV 1037 (US) .

Safe In The Arms Of Love / Between The Lies

02/1986 SP EVERGREEN EV 1039 (US) .

I'll Take Your Love Anytime / Between The Lies

06/1986 SP EVERGREEN EV 1043 (US) .

If You're Anything Like Your Eyes / Paint The Town Blue

03/1988 SP ATLANTIC 7-99353 (US) .

This Old Flame / Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't

08/1988 SP ATLANTIC 7-99307 (US) .

Shine A Light On A Lie / I'm Gettin' Good At Bein' Bad

11/1988 SP ATLANTIC 7-99264 (US) .

Before You Cheat On Me / Serious Affection

02/1990 SP ATLANTIC 7-87979 (US) .

Black Velvet / Stay With Me

07/1990 SP ATLANTIC 7-87890 (US) .

Younger Love / How About Goodbye

09/1990 SP ATLANTIC 7-87835 (US) .

Love Letter / Every Little Bit Hurts

06/1991 SP ATLANTIC 7-87681 (US) .

Betrayed / Nothin' But You

10/1991 SP ATLANTIC 7-87599 (US) .

When I Miss You / Back To Bein' Blue


03/1986 LP 12" EVERGREEN EV-1001 (US) ROBIN LEE - Safe In The Arms Of Love / What This Night Needs Is You / It Feels Like Magic / You Don't Even Know / If You're Anything Like Your Eyes / I'll Take Your Love Anytime / You Shouldn't Know Her That Well / Jilted / Win Or Lose / We're Not Gonna Hurt Each Other Are We
03/1988 CD ATLANTIC 90906-2 (US) THIS OLD FLAME - This Old Flame / Serious Affection / Reminiscing / Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't / Before You Cheat On Me Once (You Better Think Twice) / Ride With The Gang, Jesse James / I'm Gettin' Good At Bein' Bad / Shine A Light On A Lie / Borrowed Time / Take Me Back / Take My Breath Away
03/1990 CD ATLANTIC 82085-2 (US) BLACK VELVET - Black Velvet / How About Goodbye / He's Helping Me Get Over You / When The Feeling Comes Around / Younger Love / Love Letter / Something I Known I'm Gonna Love / Every Little Bit Hurts / Till I Get It Right / Sad Eyes
06/1991 CD ATLANTIC 82259-2 (US) HEART ON A CHAIN - Back To Bein' Blue / When You Get A Little Lonely / The End Of The Line / When I Miss You / Johnny's Angel (Solo Sometime) / Heart On A Chain / Nothin' But You / Don't Let The Same Dog Bite You Twice / Betrayed / I'd Walk Through Fire
09/2000 CD ATLANTIC 83372-2 (US) THE BEST OF ROBIN LEE - When Love Comes Callin' / Black Velvet / Younger Lover / Love Letter / Heart On A Chain / Back To Bein' Blue / I'd Walk Through Fire / Nothin' But You / How About Goodbye / Shine A Light On A Lie

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