Chanteur Country US né Stoney Larue Phillips en 1977 à Taft (Texas).

Stoney LaRue plays music that combines the rootsy, emotionally honest sound of country with the beer-drinking swagger of heartland rock and a dash of the moody undercurrents of the blues. LaRue was born in Taft, TX, to a musical family -- his father played bass in a number of local bands -- and he grew up listening to the country and Southern rock that would inform his later work. When he was a teenager, LaRue's family pulled up stakes for Oklahoma, and with time LaRue would become part of the Stillwater, OK, "Red Dirt" musical community, along with likeminded acts such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, and Mike McClure. Forming a road band called the Organic Boogie Band, LaRue began storming honky tonks and dancehalls in Oklahoma and Texas, winning a loyal following for his passionate live shows, and in 2002 he released his first album, Downtown, recorded during a concert for a specially invited audience at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. The album was a solid calling card for LaRue and his group, and they began spending most of the year on the road, playing up to 300 dates a year, but in 2005 LaRue stayed in one place long enough to record his first studio disc, appropriately titled The Red Dirt Album, which earned enthusiastic reviews and cast a stronger focus on LaRue's skills as a songwriter. In the spring of 2007, LaRue released his third album, which was also his second live set -- Live at Billy Bob's Texas, recorded during a 2006 gig at the famous Fort Worth venue.

Talents : Singer, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Alternative Country, Country Rock

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



12/2009 CD Smith Ent. SED 3039 (US)

Live Acoustic - I’ve Got That Old Feeling / Box #10 / Everything That Glitters / Train To Birmingham / Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain / Love You For Loving Me / Empty Glass / Tie My Boat



Downtown - Stoney LaRue & The Organic Boogie Band - Texas Moon / Downtown / Finelines / Dirty Fightin’ Love / Shot Full Of Holes / Feet Don’t Touch The Ground / Goin’ To Austin / Dance With The Gypsies / Train To Sanity / Heather Grows / Hey Sarah / The Reaper

08/2005 CD SMITH MUSIC 7043 (US) THE RED DIRT ALBUM - Down In Flames / Closer To You / Idabel Blues / Downtown / Solid Gone / Walk Away / Texas Moon / One Chord Song / Bluebird Wine / Let Me Hold You / Forever Young
04/2007 CD SMITH MUSIC 5044-2 (US) LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS - Down In Flames / Solid Gone / Idabel Blues / One Chord Song / Love You For Loving Me / Feet Don't Touch / Oklahoma Breakdown / Let Me Hold You / Texas Moon / Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad / Downtown / Walk Away / Forever Young / Weight / Long Black Veil
08/2011 CD B Side Music Group SED 7157 (US)

Velvet - Dresses / Wiregrass / Look At Me Fly / Travelin' Kind / Sharecropper / Sirens / Te Amo Mas Que / Has Been / Way Too Long / Velvet

10/2014 CD eOne 9389 (US)

Aviator - One And Only / Golden Shackles / Til I'm Moving On / Aviator / First One To Know / Blending Colors / Spitfire / Still Runnin' / A Little Too Long / It's Too Soon / Million Dollar Blues / Dark Side Of The Line / Natural High (for Merle Haggard) [bonus track] / Studio A Trouble Time Jam [bonus track]

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