Chanteur Country US né le 24 Juin 1960 ŕ Slaughters (Kentucky).

Chris Knight is a singer/songwriter from the tiny mining town of Slaughters, KY, whose self-titled debut album invited comparisons to Steve Earle and John Prine. Knight started on his musical journey at just three years old when he requested a plastic guitar for Christmas. At 15, he became more serious when he began teaching himself dozens of John Prine songs on his older brother's guitar. After earning an agriculture degree from Western Kentucky University, Knight went to work in land reclamation, but in 1986 he heard Earle on the radio and decided to try his hand at writing songs.
After six years of perfecting his story songs about the downtrodden of small-town America, Knight came to Nashville and won a coveted spot on a songwriters' night at the Bluebird Cafe. Performing songs like "Framed," which would eventually wind up on his debut album, he caught the ear of Frank Liddell, who signed him to a publishing deal with Bluewater Music. Knight went back home and kept writing, and when Decca Records hired Liddell for an A&R position, Knight got a record deal. When Decca released his self-titled debut in 1997, Knight still lived in a house trailer on 90 acres in Slaughters. He has since become a popular name in Americana music, releasing four more albums: his 1998 self-titled sophomore effort, 2001's Pretty Good Guy, 2003's Jealous Kind, and 2006's Enough Rope.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Country Rock, Contemporary Country, Outlaw Country, alternative Country, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/1997 CD MCA 72033 (US) Framed / Something Changed


02/1998 CD DECCA DRND-70007 (US) CHRIS KNIGHT - It Ain't Easy Being Me / Framed / Bring The Harvest Home / Something Changed / House And 90 Acres / Summer Of '75 / Run From Your Memory / Love And A .45 / The Hammer Going Down / The Band Is Playing Too Slow / The River's Own / William
09/2001 CD DUALTONE 8030201111-2 (US) A PRETTY GOOD GUY - Becky's Bible / A Pretty Good Guy / Oil Patch Town / Send A Boat / Hard Candy / Down The River / If I Were You / North Dakota / Highway Junkie / Blame Me / The Lord's Highway
08/2003 CD DUALTONE 1139 (US) THE JEALOUS KIND - The Jealous Kind / Banging Away / The Border / Staying Up All Night Long / A Train Not Running / Carla Came Home / Me And This Road / Broken Plow / Devil Behind The Wheel / Hello Old Man / Long Black Highway
07/2006 CD DRIFTER'S CHURCH 0007 82297 60003 2 (US) ENOUGH ROPE - Jack Blue / Cry Lonely / Saved By Love / River Road / Rural Route / Dirt / Up From The Hill / Bridle On A Bull / Old Man / William’s Son / Too Close To Home / To Get Back Home / Enough Rope
04/2007 CD Emergent 760002 (US) The Trailer Tapes - Backwater Blues / Something Changed / Rita's Only Fault / Spike Driving Blues / Move On / Hard Edges / Here Comes The Rain / Leaving Souvenirs / House And 90 Acres / If I Were You / My Only Prayer
08/2008 CD DRIFTER'S CHURCH / Thirty Tigers DC 0011 (US) Heart of Stone - Homesick Gypsy / Hell Ain't Half Full / Something To Keep Me Going / Heart Of Stone / Danville / Another Dollar / Almost There / Crooked Road / Maria / Miles To Memphis / My Old Cars / Go On Home
09/2009 CD DRIFTER'S CHURCH / Thirty TigerS DC 0012 Trailer II - Old Man / It Ain't Easy Being Me / Highway Junkie / Summer Of '75 / Bring The Harvest Home / I'll Be There / Send A Boat / The River's Own / Lova And A .45 / Speeding Train / Blame Me / Till My Leaving's Through
09/2012 CD DRIFTER'S CHURCH 0013 (US) Little Victories - In The Mean Time / Missing You / You Lie When You Call My Name / Low Down Ramblin' Blues / Nothing On Me / Little Victories / You Can't Trust No One / Out Of This Hole / Jack Loved Jesse / Hard Edges / The Lonesome Way

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