Chanteur Country-Folk US, n le 7 Octobre 1949 Queens (New York). Kieran Kane fut membre du duo Country O'Kanes avec Jamie O'Hara.

Best known as one half of the acclaimed new traditionalist country duo the O'Kanes, singer/songwriter Kieran Kane was born in Queens, NY, on October 7, 1949; by age nine, he was drumming in his older brother's rock band, while in his teens he turned his focus to bluegrass and folk, performing at festivals throughout the Northeast. At 21, Kane relocated to Los Angeles, where he labored as a songwriter and session guitarist; by the late '70s he had moved on to Nashville, where he landed a writing contract with Tree Publishing Co. A deal with Elektra followed, but despite notching a pair of Top Ten country singles -- "You're the Best" and "It's Who You Love" -- he found himself at odds with the label and soon returned to composing. Teaming with fellow Tree staff writer Jamie O'Hara, he formed the O'Kanes in 1985, issuing three hit albums and scoring a half-dozen Top Ten singles before disbanding four years later. Kane resurfaced with a more austere, folk-influenced sound in 1993 with the solo effort Find My Way Home, issued on Atlantic; soon after he formed the Nashville-based indie label Dead Reckoning with fellow singer/songwriters Kevin Welch, Tammy Rogers, and Harry Stinson, issuing the album Dead Rekoning in 1995. Six Months, No Sun followed in 1998, and Blue Chair was issued in fall 2000. In 2002 Kane released the primarily acoustic Shadows on the Ground, a pared-down collection of plaintive, powerful, and heartbreaking songs dedicated to his son Lucas, who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. You Can't Save Everybody (2004), Lost John Dean (2006), and Kane Welch Kaplin (2007) found Kane collaborating with Nashville crooner Kevin Welch and multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin on a series of spare, moody originals and covers, while 2009's Somewhere Beyond the Roses was backed by a bass-less quartet held down by Lambchop's Deanna Varagona.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Percussion, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Folk, Country Folk

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



03/1981 SP ELEKTRA E-47111 (US) Baby / I Don't Drink From The River
05/1981 SP ELEKTRA E-47148 (US) Finishing Touches / You're The Best
09/1981 SP ELEKTRA E-47228 (US) It's Who You Love / Doctor's Orders
12/1981 SP ELEKTRA E-47415 (US) I Feel It With You / She's Looking For Something New
05/1982 SP ELEKTRA E-47478 (US) I'll Be Your Man Around The House / Blue All Over You
10/1982 SP ELEKTRA 7-69943 (US) Gonna Have A Party / As Long As I'm Rocking With You
02/1983 SP WARNER BROS. 7-29711 (US) It's You / Makin' It Up
02/1984 SP WARNER BROS. 7-29336 (US) Dedicate / Surrender To Your Heart
10/1993 SP ATLANTIC 7-87311 (US) I'm Here To Love You / Forgive And Forget


12/1981 LP 12" ELEKTRA 5E-569 (US) KIERAN KANE - It's Who You Love / Makin' It Up / Blue All Over You / As Long As I'm Rocking With You / I Feel It With You / I'll Be Your Man Around The House / She's Looking For Something New / Doctor's Orders / Finishing Touches / You're The Best
10/1993 CD ATLANTIC 7 82547-2 (US) FIND MY WAY HOME - KIERAN KANE - I'm Here To Love You / Greener Pastures / I'll Be Turning To You / If You Only Hurt The Ones You Love / Return To Me / That's What You Do (When You Love Somebody) / Forgive And Forget / Find The Way Home / Maybe Next Time / Room At The Top Of The Stairs
1995 CD DEAD RECKONING DR-001 (US) DEAD RECKONING - KIERAN KANE - This Dirty Little Town (with Emmylou HARRIS & Lucinda Williams) / He Never Knew What Hit Him / Cool Me Down / Bell Ringing In An Empty Sky (with Somebody's Darling) / Je Suis Tres Contendre / Rambling Man / Eight More Miles / If It's Not Love / Find Somebody New / So Many Miles (with Somebody's Darling) / Love's Gonna Live Here
03/1997 CD DEAD RECKONING 5-0007 (US) A NIGHT OF RECKONING - Dead Reckoners - Intro / I Desire Fire / Cryin' For Nothin' / You Tell Me / Rocky Road / Workin' On It / Always Will / Waiting For The Assassin / Pearl Earrings / Too Much Love / When We're Gone Long Gone / Outro
04/1998 CD DEAD RECKONING DEAR-0008 (US) SIX MONTHS, NO SUN - KIERAN KANE - Table Top Dancer / Kill The Demon / (You're Just) Takin' Up Space / In A Town This Size / Physical Thing / Foolish As That May Be / 48 And Goal / What A Wonderful World / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight / Hysteria / Six Months No Sun / To Whom It May Concern / J'Aime Faire L'Amour
10/2000 CD DEAD RECKONING DEAR-0018 (US) THE BLUE CHAIR - KIERAN KANE - Honeymoon Wine / Love Is Fair / Same Old Blues / Four Questions / I'm Sorry / Tu Es Avec Moi / Irish Heartbeat / I'll Go On Loving You / Nous Sommes Les Mames / Rosie's Gone

11/12/13 - LIVE IN MELBOURNE - KIERAN KANE & Kevin Welch - Intro / Something Bout You / Eight More Miles / While I Was Loving You / Four Questions / Train To Birmingham / Table Top Dancer / Life Down Here On Earth / If I Could Be There / Some Kind Of Paradise / Ramblin' Man / Sam's Town / Town This Size / Wilson's Tracks / When We're Gone Long Gone

10/2002 2 CD Compass 59383 (US) SHADOWS ON THE GROUND :
CD 1 : Ain't Holdin' Back / Will You Miss Me / Shadows On The Ground / Mountain Song / One Raindrop / Baby Keeps Cryin' / Shut Up / Better When You Take It Slow / Handsome Molly / June Carter (Sure Can Sing) / Harmony
CD  : Millionaire / Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down / Hallelujah / Workin' On It

You Can't Save Everybody -  Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch WITH Fats Kaplin - You Can't Save Everybody / Dark Eyed Gal / Hillbilly Blue / Jersey Devil / Somewhere In The Middle / Flycatcher Jack And The Whippoorwill's Song / Callin' Me / Till I'm Too Old To Die Young / Cecil's Lament / Everybody's Working For The Man Again / Just Like That / A Prayer Like Any Other

04/2006 CD Compass 7 4429 2 (US)

Lost John Dean - Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin - Monkey Jump / Satan's Paradise / Lost John Dean / Heaven Now / Postcard From Mexico / To The Harvest Look Ahead / I Can't Wait / Mr. Bones / Clean Getaway / Them Wheels Don't Roll / Mellow Down Easy

09/2007 CD Compass 7 4464 2 (US)

Kane Welch Kaplin - Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin - Ain't Gonna Do It / I Wish I Had That Mandolin / Red Light Blinking / That's What I've Got / Last Lost Highway / Zagnut / Callin' You / Highland Mary / Dark Boogie #7 / No One Told Me / 12 Chimes / What Are They Doin' In Heaven Today?

07/2009 CD Compass 7 4518 2 (US)

Somewhere Beyond The Roses - Way Down Below / Why Can't You / Somewhere Beyond The Roses / Unfaithful Heart / Marriage Of Convenience / Anybody's Game / More To It Than This / I Took My Power Back / Hands Across The Water / Don't Try To Fight It / Tell Me Mama


Go Jane Go - Somewhere Beyond The Roses / When I'm Not Thinking About You / Solitary Wave / Go Jane Go / Pretty Jackals / Anybody's Game / My Blue Ridge Cabin Home / I Live In Fear / I'm Going Home / Wonder / Tell Me Mama / Blue Heart Of Texas / Moon Over Melbourne

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