Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US né Louis Terence Josie, le 14 Juillet 1938 à Medina (Ohio), Lou Josie a enregistré pour Argo Records de Chicago (Illinois) (58),  Herald (58) et Baton Records de New York (59). Il a aussi utilisé le nom de Jimmy King.

Born July 14th, 1938 in Medina Ohio, Louis Terence Josie is a son of a steel worker. His mother was a homemaker and loved country music.
Lou spent a lot of his younger years listening to Alan Freed on WJW out of Cleveland, Ohio. Lou also was privleged to see Elvis Presley perform live in Cleveland. Those early experiences along with his mother's radio convinced Lou that he was going to be a singer songwriter.
Lou became a resident session guitartist at Cleveland's Audio Recording Studio, allowing him to record songs that he was writing, and producing such singles as "Why Did You Leave Me" and " Some One Else Instead".
Argo and Chess record labels produced some of Lou's earlier recordings such as "Breezin' Out" and "Time's A Wastin'". The sleeping giant of that time was the song "Vacation's Over" which did not come available until 1978.
Throughout the 50s and 60s Lou performed at Englands "Albert Hall" and "The Cavern" as part of the instrumental group "Bee Bumble and the Stingers". Lou also performed his single act with such greats as Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard, Ritchie Valens, Eddie Arnold, and many more of that era...
Lou has had many great performers record his songs - "Hey Harmonica Man" (Stevie Wonder), "Fugitive" (Ventures), "Blue Side of the Gray" (Atlanta), and his biggest hit song "Midnight Confessions" (The Grass Roots).
Lou Josie is a member of the Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame. His songs have transcended the Rock-A-Billy years into the Rock and Roll years, and are still being recorded today.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Doo Wop

Why Did You Leave Me (Lou Josie)

Breezin' Out (Lou Josie)

Time's A Wastin' (Lou Josie)

Knockin' On Your Door (1958) (Jimmy King)

I'm Gonna Git Cha (1959) (Lou Josie)

Talk To The Angels (1961) (Lou Josie)

Walk In The Sun (1962) (Jimmy King)

VACATION'S OVER (19??) (Lou Josie unissued)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



02/1958 SP ARGO 5293 (US) Lou JOSIE & The SPINNERS - Why Did You Leave Me / Someone Else Instead
09/1958 SP ARGO 5312 (US) Lou JOSIE - Breezin' Out / Time's A Wastin'
11/1958 SP HERALD H-535X (US) Jimmy KING - Knockin' On Your Door / Broken Vows
05/1959 SP BATON 45-269 (US) Lou JOSIE - I'm Gonna Get-Cha / Lonely Years
02/1961 SP Rendezvous R-143 (US) Lou JOSIE - Jeannie / Talk To The Angels
05/1962 SP CRC 45-102 (CAN) Jimmy KING - Walk In The Sun / Let Me Laugh Too

Unissued Track

19?? Unissued track Lou JOSIE - Vacation's Over


12/2002 CD GIRLTALK ? (US) ME AND MOTHER MUSIC - Then It Begins / The Devil In Me / Cold Light Of Day / Midnight Memories / Obsession / Jessie, Did Your Soul Fly Free / Only One Life To Live / Warm Summer Nights / Midnight Confessions / Blue Side Of The Gray
10/2008 CD GIRLTALK ? (US) MAMAS RADIO - Call Of The King / Lovers Moon / Mamas Radio / Buckingham County / Farewell Jamie / Stardust Row / One More Chance / Innocent Man / Believe In Me / If I Ever Lost Your Love / A Sad Song / Manatees / Better Hold On / Here He Comes, There You Go / Desperate People
10/2008 CD GIRLTALK ? (US) STONES & BONES - Opening Dialogue - 1862 Dialogue / Blue Side Of Gray / Blue Bandanna / 1863 Dialogue / Springtime Of Our Lives / The Dancing Man From Birmingham / 1864 Dialogue / Stones & Bones (The Battle Of Franklin Tn.) / A Soldiers Prayer / Wind / Dixieland You're Still A State Of Mind / Epilogue

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