Duo Bluegrass formé en 1984 et composé de Eric (né le 23 Octobre 1970 à Plattsburgh (New York) et Leigh Gibson (né le 11 Octobre 1971 à Plattsburgh (New York).

The upstate New York bluegrass group known as the Gibson Brothers is really two talented brothers and a father-and-son team who can deliver a close-knit harmony without a hitch. The brothers are writer, banjoist, and vocalist Eric Gibson and writer, guitarist, and vocalist Leigh Gibson. The father-and-son team is Junior Barber on Resophonic guitar and son Mike Barber on acoustic bass. Brothers Leigh and Eric began performing as adolescents, playing gospel instrumentals in the local church. They added singing harmonies to their act a few years later, and performed numbers by artists such as Buck Owens and Jim & Jesse. A musician by the name of Bob Fuller made sure the young brothers were exposed to the music of bluegrass greats like Red Allen, Bill Monroe, and Jimmy Martin.
In 1994, as a quartet, the Gibson Brothers recorded their debut album, Underneath a Harvest Moon, released by the independent label Big Elm Records. The album featured tunes like "Your Man in the Middle," "I Never Was Too Much," and "Tears of Yesterday." The group's music moves from fun and energetic to serious and deliberate, stirring in classic bluegrass and roots country in a way that makes each song original and the style all Gibson Brothers. In 1995, a performance at Owensboro, Kentucky, landed the group a contract with Hay Holler Records. A year later, the Gibson Brothers released Long Forgotten Dream. With numbers like "Good as Gold," "Little Man in the Mirror," and "I Don't Know What to Do," the album did well enough to earn a place on the bluegrass charts, holding ground there for months. The title song made it into the Top 30 of the Bluegrass Unlimited chart, reaching number ten.
In 1998, the album Another Night of Waiting was released. One of its tracks, "She Paints a Picture," climbed even higher on the charts than its predecessors. In October of that same year, the Gibson Brothers signed on with the Ceili Music label owned by Ricky Skaggs, who produced the group's next album. Also in 1998, the Gibson Brothers were named the IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year. Two years later, the band issued the playfully bittersweet Spread Your Wings. Bona Fide, which appeared in 2000, marked their first for Sugar Hill; it included covers of the Band's "Ophelia" and Gordon Lightfoot's "Long Way Back Home," the latter of which served as the title track for their fifth album. The band released Red Letter Day in 2006, followed by Iron and Diamonds in 2008, both on Sugar Hill.
In 2009, the Gibsons released Ring the Bell, the first of a three album contract with Compass Records. Help My Brother followed in 2011, with a guest cameo by Claire Lynch, and 2013's They Called It Music featured the group's trademark combination of original songs sequenced amid standards to extend the bluegrass tradition.
The Gibson Brothers issued Brotherhood in early 2015; it was their first all-covers record, and featured songs by the Everly Brothers, the Louvin Brothers, Jesse McReynolds, Ralph Stanley, Bill Church, and the York Brothers, as well as the Blue Sky Boys. It was their debut offering for the Rounder label. In the Ground, their second album for the label, arrived in the spring of 2017.



Talents : Eric Gibson : Writer, Banjo, Vocals - Leigh Gibson : Writer, Guitar, Vocals - Groupe members : Junior Barber : Resophonic guitar - Mike Barber : Acoustic Bass

Style musical : Bluegrass, Americana


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


05/1994 CD Big Elm CD 4194 (US)

Underneath A Harvest Moon - THE GIBSON BROTHERS BLUEGRASS BAND - Old Memory / Underneath A Harvest Moon / You're Running Wild / I Can't Like Myself / Your Man In The Middle / Just Friends / Hand Me Down My Walking Cane / Tears Of Yesterday / Satan's Jeweled Crown / I Never Was Too Much / I'll Break Out Again Tonight / Forty Years / Girl Of My Dreams / The Newness Has Survived / How Mountain Girls Can Love

04/1996 CD Hay Holler HH-CD-1201 (US)

Long Forgotten Dream - Long Forgotten Dream / Talk Is Cheap / Hesseltine Hill / Childish Love / Looking For A Smile In A Heartache / Are You Teasing Me? / Engineer Without A Train / Good As Gold / Where Does The Good Times Go? / Before You Met Her / I Don't Know What To Do / Lifeboat / Little Man In The Mirror / You Won't Be Satisfied That Way / God Bless Her / Cause She Is My Mother

09/1997 CD Hay Holler HH-CD-1335 (US)

Spread Your Wings - Picture In The Moonlight / Sam Smith / Two Hours Down / Kentucky Gambler / Wondering / I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow) / Ten Miles From The Truth / Early / Sins Of Your Past / The Moon Still Shines (On My Moonshine Still) / Songbird / I Can't Quit / When God Comes And Gather His Jewels / Darlin’Corey

11/1998 CD Hay Holler HH-CD-1341 (US)

Another Night Of Waiting - Breakthrough / Another Night Of Waiting / Wanting, Wanting You / She Paints A Picture / City Water / The Next One Is Me / I Don't Care Anymore / Tralvelin' Blues / My Yesterdays Look Better Every Day / We'll Stay Here / Loose Talk / Last Letter Home / One More Time (I Must Rise)

03/2003 CD Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3965 (US)

Bona Fide - Open Road / Arleigh / Ragged Man / Railroad Line / That Bluegrass Music / Vern's Guitar / Where Nobody Knows My Name / Shucking The Corn / Don't Forget The Coffee Billy Joe / Whisper In My Ear / Norma / Beautiful Brown Eyes / Lighthouse

03/2004 CD Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3986 (US)

Long Way Back Home - Mountain Song / Callie's Reel / Dreams That End Like This / The Way I Feel / Ophelia / Any Man in His Right Mind / Long Way Back Home / It's All Right With Me / Alone With You / I'm Not Wanted Here / I Gotta Get Back To You / Satan's Jeweled Crown / He'd Take Her Back Again / East Bound Train

01/2006 CD Sugar Hill SUG-CD-4002 (US)

Red Letter Day - Lonesome Number One / Walking With Joanna / One Raindrop / Red Letter Day / The Barn Song / I Got A Woman / We Won't Dance Again / Sam Smith / What A Ways We've Come / As Long As There's You / The Prisoner's Song / If I Were You / One More Try / Twenty One Years / It's All Over Now

04/2008 CD Sugar Hill SUG-CD-4039 (US)

Iron & Diamonds - Cabin Down Below / Iron And Diamonds / One Step Closer To The Grave / The Other Side Of Town / Somewhere Trouble Don't Go / Lonely Me, Lonely You / Picker's Blues / A World So Full Of Love   Angry Man / Bloom Off The Rose / Long Way Down / Gone Home

05/2009 CD Compass 7 4506-2 (US)

Ring The Bell - I Know Whose Tears / I Can't Like Myself / The Wishing Well / Ring The Bell / Angel Dream / What Can I Do? / Jericho / Farm Of Yesterday / Just An Old Rounder / Forever Has No End / That's What I Get For Lovin' You / Bottomland

02/2011 CD Compass 7 4549 2 (US)

Help My Brother - Help My Brother / Walkin' West To Memphis / Dixie / Frozen In Time / He Can Be Found / Singing As We Rise / Want Vs. Need / I'll Love Nobody But You / Just Lovin' You / Talk To Me / One Car Funeral / Safe Passage 

03/2013 CD Compass 7 4599 2 (US)

They Called It Music - Buy A Ring, Find A Preacher / They Called It Music / Darker The Night, The Better I See / Dying For Someone To Live For / I'll Work It Out / Something Comin' To Me / Daddy's Gone To Knoxville / Dusty Old World / Home On The River / I Will Always Cross Your Mind / Sundown And Sorrow / Songbird's Song

02/2015 CD Rounder 11661-35986-02 (US)

Brotherhood - Bye Bye Love / The Sweetest Gift / An Angel With Blue Eyes / Each Season Changes You / I Have Found The Way / How Mountain Girls Can Love / It'll Be Her / What A Wonderful Savior Is He / Long Gone / Eastbound Train / Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes / Seven Year Blues / Long Time Gone / I'm Troubled I'm Troubled / Crying In The Rain

02/2017 CD Rounder 11661-00173 (US) In The Ground - Highway / Homemade Wine / Remember Who You Are / Making Good Time / My Quiet Mind / I Can't Breathe Deep Yet / Fool's Hill / Friend Of Mine / Little Girl / I Found A Church Today / Look Who's Crying / Everywhere I Go / In The Ground

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