Chanteur Country US né le 27 Mai 1972 à Evansville (Indiana). Jace Everett est l'interprète de la chanson Bad Things, qui est utilisée dans le générique de la série télévisée True Blood de Alan Ball.

Born in Evansville, IN, but raised in Texas, singer/songwriter Jace Everett spent his formative years playing bass and singing in his church youth group. Enamored by both gospel music and the works of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Everett, despite taking a stab at collegiate life at Belmont University in Nashville, seemed destined for the music business. After quitting school, he toured the world in a pop cover band, eventually marrying and fathering a child before moving back to Texas. A series of odd jobs followed (ditch digger, photographer, truck washer, waiter, etc.), as well as a divorce, eventually leading the frustrated musician back to Nashville. Within a year of his return, and after a few false starts, Everett landed a major-label record deal with Sony Nashville. Produced by Mark Wright and Greg Droman, his eponymous debut record arrived in 2005.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



03/2006 CD EPIC 93461 (US) JACE EVERETT - Everything I Want / That's The Kind Of Love I'm In / Bad Things / I Gotta Have It / Half Of My Mistakes / The Other Kind / A Little Less Lonely / Gold / Nowhere In The Neighborhood / Between A Father And A Son
09/2007 CD DEFIANCE 00031993 (GER) OLD NEW BORROWED BLUES - Your Man / Angel Loves The Devil Outta Me / Bad Things / Between A Father And A Son / Doin' Nothing With You / I Gotta Have It / Greatest Story (Never Told) / A Little Less Lonely / Not So Far Away / Turn It On
06/2010 CD WRASSE HUMP073 (UK) RED REVELATIONS - Posession / Burn For You / More To Life (C'mon C'mon) / The Good Life / Damned If I Do / One Of Them / Permanent Thing / Little Black Dress / Lean Into The Wind / What It Is? / Slip Away / Bad Things (Theme from True Blood)
08/2011 CD HUMPHEAD HUMP105 (US) MR. GOOD TIMES - Great American Hero / The Drugs Aren't Getting It Done / Business Is Booming / Let's Begin Again / God Made You Mean / Nothing / Good Times / Angry, Hostile, Ugly / Don't Look Down / Tricky Thing / Autumn         
07/2013 CD HAYWOOD GROUP PRODUCTIONS ? (US) TERRA ROSA - In The Garden / No Place To Hide / Lloyd's Summer Vacation / Beyond The Wall / Pennsylvania / The Great Fish (Wave After Wave) / Rise Up / Love Cut Me Down / Like A Song / Sapphira / Pretty Good Plan      

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