Chanteur Country US n le 23 Janvier 1975 Jackson (Mississippi).

Jason Eady is a charting Texas-based country and Americana singer and songwriter. He was born outside Jackson, Mississippi in 1975. Though his earliest love was country music, he was exposed to a wealth of sounds from the lower Delta region: blues, soul, vintage R&B, and swamp rock.
At 14, he began singing and playing guitar in cover bands and writing songs. His early original efforts were greeted with apathy by audiences in his home state who were more interested in hearing performers sing hits and covers.
At 18, Eady moved to Nashville to seek a recording contract. Despite market interest, he quickly became disillusioned with the business and culture of the mainstream industry. He decided to return to Mississippi. On the drive home, he encountered an Air Force recruiting station and went in. He enlisted and served for the next six years as an Arabic translator, which left little time to play guitar, let alone write songs.
After leaving the Air Force, Eady moved to Fort Worth, Texas and got a day job working in a bank's IT department. As an outlet, he began playing open-mike nights and developed a local following. A transformative revelation from this experience was learning that Texas audiences differed considerably from those in Mississippi: they wanted to hear original music, not covers. He began to work on his songwriting, and soon thereafter quit his day job to devote himself to music full-time.
Eady's first album was 2005's From Underneath the Old, followed by 2007's Wild Eyed Serenade. He met veteran songwriter Kevin Welch in 2008. Welch had made a career as a recording artist and songwriter; he'd penned songs for Don WilliamsPatty LovelessRicky Skaggs, and many others, and he'd done it all without making aesthetic compromises. This inspired Eady.
Welch went on to produce Eady's following efforts. Their first album together was 2009's When the Money's All Gone. The critically acclaimed AM Country Heaven was released in 2012, and landed in the Top 40 of Billboard's Country Albums chart. In 2013, Eady and Welch collaborated again on Daylight/Dark. It was released in January 21, 2014 and hit the digital country charts the day after; it peaked at 45 on Billboard's Country charts. Three years later, Eady returned with an eponymous

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

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From Underneath The Old - Steven & Melissa / Go Down Moses / Battle Cries / Vindication / A Moment I'll Remember / Lift Me / A Conversation With Mr. Williams / When It All Comes Together / Dance Maria / Some Times Are Gone / Prescriptions / Play Me A Song

05/2008 CD Littoraria 1379682 (US)

Jason Eady & The Wayward Apostles - Wild-Eyed Serenade / Confidently Wrong / Back To Jackson / Redemption / Before I Was Dead / Rise / I Will / I'll Be Home Tomorrow / Unsteady Ground / Forgive Me / Waiting To Shine / Walking In Jerusalem

2009 CD Smith Entertainment ‎SED7128 (US)

When the Money's All Gone - God Fearing Blues / When The Money's All Gone / Evangeline (feat. the Band of Heathens) / Judgement Day / Cry Pretty / Everything's Gonna Be Fine / Cane River Blues / Watering Hole / Promises In Pieces / Maybe I'll Stay A While / Traveling Show

2012 CD Underground Sound ‎? (US)

AM Country Heaven - AM Country Heaven / Old Guitar And Me / Tomorrow Morning / Man On A Mountain / Wishful Drinking / Forget About The Truth / Sober On The Weekends / Longer Walk In The Rain / Paid My Dues / I'll Sure Be Glad When I'm Gone / Lying To Myself / Water Into Wine

01/2014 CD Old Guitar OGR-90771 (US)

Daylight And Dark - CAUSES : OK Whiskey / The Other Side Of Abilene / Temptation / One, Two...Many / CONSEQUENCES : Liars And Fools / We Might Just Miss Each Other (duet with Courtney Patton) / Daylight And Dark / Lonesome Down And Out / Whiskey & You / RECOVERY : Late Night Diner / Bonus Track : A Memory Now (with Hayes Carll And Evan Felker)

04/2017 CD Old Guitar OGR90772 (US)

Jason Eady - Barabbas / Drive / Black Jesus / No Genie In This Bottle / Why I Left Atlanta / Rain / Where I've Been / Waiting To Shine / Not Too Loud / 40 Years

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