Duo Rock 'n' Roll US

Two California teenagers scored with this Ventures-like instrumental in the early '60s big enough to cut this follow-up album for the Sue label. It's a ragged blend of instrumentals (90% of which sound like knockoffs of the title track, itself a knockoff of the main riff of "What'd I Say") and a couple of stray glee club-like Vocals. This album does have legs with the surf music crowd, however, and will appeal to fans of twangy guitar, which it's loaded with.

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1961 SP SUE 745 (US) Stick Shift (instr.) / Cruising (instr.)
1962 SP SUE 758 (US) Travelin' Guitar (instr.) / Cha Cha Guitar (instr.)
19?? SP COLLECTABLES COL 3081 (US) Help Me Make It Through The Night (Sammi SMITH) / Stick Shift (The DUALS)


1996 CD COLLECTABLES 680 (US) STICK SHIFT - Stick Shift / Travelin' Guitars / Lover's Satellite / Duel / Cha Cha Guitars / The Duals Blues / Music Appreciation / Beach Party / Runnin' Water / Rollin' / Henry's Blues / Johnny's Boogie

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