Groupe Doo Wop US formé en 1956. Les Charts sont originaires de New York. Ils comprenaient Joseph Grier, Leroy Binns, Steven Brown, Glemmore Jackson et Ross Buford. Ils se sont séparés en 1958.

The Charts' 1957 hit "Deserie" endures as a doo wop classic, despite the fact that it failed to chart. Formed in 1956, the Harlem-born group — led by lead Vocalsist Joseph Grier and featuring Leroy Binns, Ross Buford, and Glenmore Jackson — were managed by musician Les Cooper, a native of Norfolk, VA, who had previously been a member of the Empires and the Whirlers, and by the mid-'50s was already a longtime scenemaker on New York's doo wop scene.
Cooper scored the Harlem quintet a contract with Danny Robinson's Everlast imprint and they recorded their only hit, "Deserie," the following year. It was covered by the Blue Angels for Del-Fi's Selma imprint on the West Coast. After a few more 45s for Everlast, the Charts disbanded in 1958. Cooper eventually cut a hit single with his own group, the Soul Rockers, in 1962. The Vocals A-side was "Dig Yourself," but the major hit was the instrumental B-side, "Wiggle Wobble," which featured a prominent King Curtis-styled tenor sax performance by former-Charts lead singer Grier.

Talents : Joseph Grier : Lead - Stephen Brown : First Tenor - Glenmore Jackson : Second Tenor - Leroy Binns : Baritone - Ross Buford : Bass

Style musical : Doo Wop, Rhythm 'n' Blues

DESERIE (1957)

ZOOP (1957)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1957 SP EVERLAST 5001 (US) Deserie / Zoop
1957 SP EVERLAST 5002 (US) Dance Girl / Why Do You Cry
1957 SP EVERLAST 5006 (US) You're The Reason / I've Been Wondering
1958 SP EVERLAST 5008 (US) All Because Of Love / I Told You So
1958 SP EVERLAST 5010 (US) My Diane / Baby Be Mine
1959 SP GUYDEN 2021 (US) For The Birds / Ooba Gooba
196? SP ENJOY 1002 (US) Deserie / Zoop
1963 SP EVERLAST 5026 (US) Deserie / Zoop
1963 SP VEL-V-TONE 102 (US) What's Your Excuse / You Keep Dancing With Me
1965 SP LANA 117 (US) Deserie / I Wanna Take You Home
1966 SP WAND 1112 (US) Deserie / Fell In Love With You Baby
1966 SP WAND 1124 (US) Livin' The Nightlife / Nobody Made You Love Me
196? SP LAST CHANCE 115 (US) Dance Girl / Why Do You Cry
198? SP LOST NITE 173 (US) Deserie   / Zoop
198? SP LOST NITE 186 (US) You're The Reason / I've Been Wondering
199? SP COLLECTABLES COL 01617-7 (US) Deserie / Zoop  
199? SP COLLECTABLES COL 1619-7 (US) You're The Reason / I've Been Wondering
199? SP COLLECTABLES COL 01621-7 (US) All Because Of Love / I Told You So


1981 LP 12" LOST NITE 138 (US) GREATEST HITS - Deserie / All Because Of Love / Why Do You Cry / Zoop / I Told You So / Dance Girl / You're The Reason / I've Been Wondering / Baby Be Mine / My Diane
08/2009 CD COLLECTABLES 1405 (US) THE CHANNELS MEET THE THE CHARTS - The Closer You Are (CHANNELS) / Stars In The Sky (CHANNELS) / My Love Will Never Die (CHANNELS) / The Girl Next Door (CHANNELS) / The Gleam In Your Eyes (CHANNELS) / Deserie / Dance Girl / My Diane / Zoop / You're The Reason

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